Media Create sales (6/1 - 6/7)

Media Create published the latest Japanese hardware/software sales.

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Geobros1227d ago

Wii U has better sales than last week and its always on top! Well done Nintendo!

Eonjay1227d ago

What do you mean always on top?

Geobros1227d ago

I mean that its on top like last week, even if there were not a wii u exclusive release this week.

S2Killinit1227d ago

Im pretty sure Wii U doesnt always have the top spot. Usually its the PS4 or the DS handhelds.

jcnba281226d ago

Why do you have to sound so salty? Can you not be happy for another company besides Sony?

Spotie1227d ago

Being "on top like last week" is in no way analogous to "always on top."

Locknuts1227d ago

ffs....Am I the only one who can see that English isn't his first language?

On topic: I'm surprised at these sales.

gamingpro1227d ago

Wii U usually does have the top spot in Japan, it's only the past couple of months or so that ps4 has been at the top, now Wii U has gone back to the top.
So his comment is right Wii U has been on top in Japan more than any other home console not just "last week"

Rookie_Monster1226d ago

Wii U is on Top literally means Japan is very insignificant as far as how dead the console market is in Japan. Western market is where it is at, folks.

Spotie1226d ago

@locknuts: Don't care. I don't use phrases I'm not familiar with when speaking other languages. And on the off occasion that I do, I do my best to clarify.

@gamingpro: That wouldn't make it always, then, would it? If it's been months, that is.

@Rookie: You should stop commenting. At until you have something relevant to say.

magiciandude1225d ago


Well, being on top most of the time doesn't equal to always on top. So the PS4 is not always on top either, right Hicken?

"You should stop commenting. At until you have something relevant to say."

You should stop commenting. At until you have something relevant to say.

Spotie1225d ago

Who claimed the PS4 was always on top, unless referring to worldwide sales?

Nobody? That's what I thought.

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Magicite1227d ago

Nice to see that PS4 is floating above 10k even without recent releases, that poor PS3 though :(

LOL @ X1, steep drop from 500 to 200, haha, its dead, Jim!

eyeofcore1227d ago

Wii U is again fist place and sales rose again! WOW!

gerbwmu1227d ago

Is Splatoon the game that finally catches on for the Wii U? That is an impressive 2nd week, even more so for the hardware. If next weeks numbers are similar then Nintendo might get past GameCube numbers.

I'm interested to see what NPD numbers are estimated at.

Concertoine1227d ago

This is actually a bigger effect than MK8 had on Wii U in japan. It has to maintain that momentum for a while to beat the GC though

desolationstorm1227d ago

Still has a while to go to get there. What I am happy is Nintendo being rewarded for creating something new and taking chances.

Hopefully between the success of this and Toads Tracker Nintendo will greenlight more ideas.

The guys seemed on the younger side when showing off Splatoon at E3 last year. Fresh talent with a Nintendo willing to take risks. They could have easily taken the idea and given it the Mario coat of paint.

Mikito111227d ago

Good to see Splatoon selling well in Japan :D

IamTylerDurden11227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Funny bc often the Vita beats the Wii u in worldwide sales

I have no problem with the Wii u i encourage it to do well i grew up on Nintendo, but the Wii u has lower lifetime sales than Vita so let's be realists here "the Wii u is always on top" c'mon now?

For the record i am jealous of Bayonetta 2 and the developers haven't come close to tapping the potential of the Wii u, devs need to step it up with the Wii u. It has a lot more potential.

eyeofcore1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

VGchartz isn't actually reliable source, they have some sources, but mostly its estimates and once NPD is out and if other numbers leak like for Europe/GFK then they correct themselves.

VGchartz latest hardware chat is at May 16th. :P

Would't be surprised if thanks to Splatoon that Hardware sales in June's first week Wii U breaches easily 60K and maybe even 70K.

I think Splatoon's boost will make Wii U breach 10 million before E3 starts.

EDIT: Those disagree's, a lot of salty Sony fans. lol

Moonman1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Yeah, they are very salty and thirsty for actual "greatness"

They should of gave up hating when it was revealed that in the time it took PS4 to sell 1.5 million in Japan (15 months), Wii U had sold 1.65 million. And the GameCube had sold 1.9 million.


So why they mad??? LOL

Concertoine1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

To be fair, the vita was out a whole extra year in Japan and around 9 months in NA/EU

Not saying it's always on top though, hah

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1227d ago

funny Vita came out a year earlier

IamTylerDurden11227d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Funny since im also talking about the fact that many times the Vita outsells the Wii u week to week and month to month, not always, but it happens frequently look at vgchartz last posted week for system sales the wk of May 16 the VITA outsold wii u, look a little further down on the link or go to

I realize vgchartz is not always accurate or official and i dislike it intensely, but it's one of the only things we have to go by. Just as metacritic is NOT 100% legit bc they pull 4-40 reviews out of hundreds or more, THEY decide which reviews go in and basically metacritic dictates the score themselves. Yes vgchartz is unofficial and bias towards ms it would appear, but until someone comes to replace them they'll remain popular.

If u erased the 9 or so month headstart sales would be similar between the 2 systems considering Vita has arguably over 1m more units sold than wii u.

Face it, the PS VITA and the wii u sell at about the same exact rate.

Considering the VITA is a handheld and the 3rd option for Sony i'm surprised it's selling equally to Nintendo's big new gen Console.

Indeed the PS4 got off to an unexpectedly slow start in Japan making the incredible 25m (vg says 23ish but Sony's about 2 reveal new #'s, minimum 25m) in sales even more impressive. Greatness has already happened, is happening, and will happen.

I'm not against the wii u i'm an advocate, i think if anything the DS is overrated and the Wii u is grossly underrated. I support Nintendo much more than ms as Nintendo uses ethical business practices and respectable people. It appears that they are taking the right approach with the NX.

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