GAME Sweden Just Went Bankrupt, How Long Until The Rest Of The World Follows?

Clipping Error discuss how long it will be until video game retaielrs are dead in light of GAME Sweden going bankprupt, presenting the resons they already struggle in their own market.

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jackanderson19851230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

they already went bust in the UK and Ireland but made a come back and are doing relatively ok.

they'll hang around for quite some time. didn't gamestop just announce an increase in revenue and profit?

SniperControl1230d ago

I feel sorry for the peeps that lose their jobs, but places like Game have to go, i cant stand them, they overcharge for new games, there pre-owned game prices are nearly the same as new games, i haven't bought anything from them since i bought my PS4 from them on launch, way to expensive.

MilkMan1230d ago

Bye! I buy digital fool.

OrangePowerz1230d ago

Was GAME Sweden even still part of GAME? When GAME went bankrupt they sold a lot of their non UK retail outlets such as GAME Spain.

OrangePowerz1230d ago

According to the internet in Sweden the name is only licensed by another company and not operated by GAME.

Berzerker2k6001230d ago

God no lol, Sweden (Country where I'm from and live in) are waaaaaayyy better off without that crap company, just hope same stuff happens to gamestop ;) I went and bought several games from GAME yesterday and day before since they started with 50% off everything. Feels good to eat what's left of them at much lower prices haha..

Cid331230d ago

no wonder when games cost 70$ and some used games cost 50$, you can buy it cheaper from psn and and online stores.

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