Tales Of Berseria Will Conclude The Series’ Japanese 20th Anniversary, Report Reveals

During Tales Of Festival 2015, it's been said that Tales Of Berseria will conclude the series 20th Anniversary, which could be hint for its release window

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DarkOcelet1229d ago

I hope they make Tales Of Vesperia 2 someday.

I want to play as Yuri again.

Spotie1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I'm gonna finally get started on Vesperia on my next off day.

Edit: I dunno if I have a favorite game in the series. I have favorite characters in Chloe and Mila, but not a favorite game. Maybe Vesperia will change that.

DarkOcelet1228d ago

Hopefully you love it like i did. It was my personal favorite in the series.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

As I was playing Xillia 2 the other day I also thought it would be kool if there was a Vesperia 2. Vesperia is also my favorite in the series a sequel would be welcome.

ZeroX98761228d ago

I modded a ps3 just so I could play the fan translation of the ps3 version. Flynn is in the party for most of the game☺

ZaWarudo1229d ago

"Tales Of Berseria Will Conclude The Series'"---

Whoa WHAT?!?

"Japanese 20th Anniversary"

Ohhh, okay. Had me worried there for a sec..

remixx1161229d ago

I know I got scared........almost dropped my nuggets.

FallenAngel19841228d ago

I swear if Japan gets the game this year its going to feel so rushed