Witcher 3's Success Proves Nice Guys Can Win The Gaming Industry

The Witcher 3’s astronomical sales success is a lightning bolt for the games industry. It’s a wake-up call: a sign that it is indeed possible to be consumer centric rather than money-grabbing, and ultimately still reap colossal financial rewards as a result.

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DarkOcelet1228d ago

I really hope this game sells +10 million copies. CDPR deserves this.

Be good with the gamers and they will show you tremendous support.

Well done on your beautiful masterpiece.

shodan741228d ago

Could not agree more. Having an absolute blast with the game.

You can tell how much care and attention they've taken with it.

bixxel1226d ago

Even the throwaway notes can be read and things happen in real time based on those notes. I remember reading that a man would see x stuff for a very cheap price at y location. I went there and actually FOUND HIM!

Intentions1228d ago

I agree, one of the best games I've played and still no where close in finishing it.

Manubiggs1228d ago

After about 50 hours I got to the Skellige Isles and Woah ...its as big as Velen if not bigger .. Awesome ... still at least another 50 hours of great gameplay to go!

DanJenkoFMV1228d ago

Fully agreed. The developer's interaction with fans has been really admirable and people's appreciation for it has reflected in the sales.

Gwiz1228d ago

Or!!,The EA's and Activision's just plain Chuppa chup.

I don't know how sensitive the N4G staff is so let's stick
with hints lol.

die_fiend1228d ago Show
Baszs1228d ago

This game actually makes my jaw drop multible times.
Their storytelling is absolutely amazing..

bmwfanatic1228d ago

Im gonna get crucified for saying this but why are they the "good guys"? Rockstar gives out way more dlc and a sizeable heist expansion and people just hate on them. They couldve easily charged $20 for the heist and it wouldve sold like crazy. Nothing against the witcher as I really love the game just curious.

Baszs1228d ago

I don't think Rockstar is being hated on.
I do think their hated on by people who don't play games.

Ubisoft is a company who is being hated on, and the same goes for EA.
and Activision.That is because they are so large that most of their portfolio is being marketed to generate a lot of money by distributing payed content.

Something we don't really like especially if its content that should be in the game when launched.

CDPR is being praised because they took a stand against pricy horse-armor and
short story dlc that are not more than 2 maps. And their 'expansions' are being made with the consumer in mind and giving them a full new experience.

showtimefolks1228d ago

UBI deserves to be hated on, they use to be all about gamers but now just money. yes i know its a business but there a way for doing thing


GTA5 sold 45 plus million, so not many are hating them. also R* promised to deliver heists at around launch yet we waited how long again. i am a huge GTA fan so don't think i am hating, just saying that something that was promised as being part of that $60 price package couldn't be charged for again

but i agree 1000000% R* have been awesome with how much free stuff we get

i hope witcher 3 sells atleast 10 plus million, because bigger sales mean bigger budget for cyberpunk and future CDPR games

Manubiggs1228d ago

Is someone hating on Rockstar?

warczar1228d ago

GTA is a great game but they should have never released the multiplayer without the heists. Most of my friends had given up on the multiplayer way before the heists came.

UltraNova1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Look as much as I frown upon online I have to admit GTAV's online mode is by far the most fun time I had with other people online! I think I developed a six pack from all that laughing when people never seize to amaze me when it comes to dying in creative ways or overcome those ridiculous obstacle courses!!

Hell, its the only reason I turn on my ps3 anymore since I finished my back-catalog!

Heists was just icing on the cake if you ask me.


From what I've seen Project red deserves every bit of praise they get, and I'll make sure I support them by buying the collectors edition when I find the time to spent 100+ hrs on their masterpiece or simply get the inevitable GotY edition for the full experience.

fiveby91228d ago

Can't they both be good guys? I don't recall any mention in the article that Rockstar was not good. I am enjoying the quality work that Rockstar and CDPR have released.

Der_Kommandant1228d ago

Who hates Rockstar?? they're like gods to us

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