Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has microtransactions

The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s pre-order on the PlayStation Store has revealed that the latest Hideo Kojima’s game has optional in-game microtransactions.

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DarkOcelet1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I am 1000% that the last part if true is because of Konami not Kojima, he would not put that kind of crap in his game.

Konami will seriously milk the $hit out of this game after Kojima leaves, you will see. It will have tons of DLC after the game launches.

**** You Konami.

Balsanoid1253d ago

I wonder if it has anything to do with the falling out between Konami and Kojima? Completely conjecture, but maybe they were pressuring him to include microtransactions and he fought back. Hopefully we'll hear the whole story some day.

Crimzon1253d ago

This is why I'm not buying this game brand new. I don't mind waiting a small while to purchase a used copy of this game to ensure that none of my money goes to Konami.

This isn't just about Kojima, but also the way that his staff at Kojima Productions have been treated, and the high likelihood that a lot of them will lose their jobs along with Kojima after this game has launched.

That means that purchasing this game does absolutely nothing to support the people that made it, and instead simply funnels cash directly into the hands of the wrong people. That's why I'm buying this game used, and encourage everyone else with enough self control to also do the same.

Please don't reward Konami for being such a terrible company. Vote with your wallets, it's the only thing that they understand.

never4get1253d ago

Casino Capitalism probably, maybe Konami's Pachinko made more profit than their games.

bouzebbal1253d ago

since Konami canned SH, i decided to buy MGSV preowned. I think everyone should do the same thing

UltraNova1253d ago


Although I share your sentiments or rather resentment for Konami, dont you think we should find the real reason why the two parties called it quits and then vote with our wallets?

Who knows Kojima's team may have a contract with Konami to get paid (or bonuses) for their work depending on MGSV's performance.

Lets be patient here, for now canceling our pre-orders should suffice.

christian hour1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I guarantee this is the reason they fell out, wouldnt surprise me if Kojima requested his name be removed from all promo material just because of this.

N7KIRK1253d ago

On boo hoo, they're all such terrible companies. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley just kicked 4000 people out of their homes. Lol video games.

BiggerBoss1253d ago

This news pisses me off to no end. Thanks Konami, you had to go and **** up my most anticipated game. And you killed Silent Hills. And KojiPro. Wtf...

Mainman1253d ago

The micro-transactions could be about Metal Gear Online.

@ DarkOcelot, I would welcome DLC for this game to be honest. I remember back on MGS4 I always wished for DLC but never came. MGO did get 4 expansions, but even then I still wanted another.

pivotplease1253d ago

Wasn't hyped after playing the crap that was Ground Zeroes. It felt like a downgrade from MGS4. Now I'm positive this is a $30 purchase for me. Still waiting for the final verdict but nothing has impressed me so far.

-Foxtrot1253d ago

Best thing to do is what Crimzon has said. Don't buy it new

Look we'd all want to support Kojima but because he's gone (or going) after MGSV the only people are money benefits the most in Konami.

Best thing to do is support Kojimas next game while showing Komani no support after what they did. They'll then hear about sales for Kojimas new game, whatever it may be, and will see what they have lost.

RumbleFish1252d ago

This game will drop in price very soon.

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BassMan1251253d ago

Probably for the Metal Gear Online?

BillmadeAGate1253d ago

Most likely, but if you don't like it don't buy it simple.. microtransactions are for with no patients that want cool or exclusive gear instantly.. dont approve? Too bad... That's how gaming is in the 2015..

Palitera1253d ago

Not true.
In TLOU, for instance, microtransactions offer MP advantages as better weapons and better perks completely unobtainable through gameplay.
In TPP, it can be anything (since there's no info), from cosmetic eye patches to an energy/"diamond" system.

scark921252d ago

That is a waste of money if so because the MGO servers will go offline some day and the money you would spend would be non existent!

showtimefolks1253d ago

i want to buy it used but than i don't want to wait and i don't want to take money away from kojima

Dirtnapstor1253d ago

That's the problem with "voting with your wallet". Kojima may have been cut from Konami but he still will benefit from direct sales. Remember, MGS is Kojima's baby not Konami's. His project not Konami's despite what has transgressed at this point.

pivotplease1253d ago

How invested is he really in this iteration though. He always wanted to be done with the series and I feel like this game was more obligatory than a labour of love or passion. All of the changes in Ground Zeroes seem to point to this imo. I can wait.

Onness1253d ago

Well, I would assume he's already been paid for the completion of the game. So buying it used would only hurt Konami.

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TwoForce1253d ago

Well, that was mistake you made there, Konami. Seriously ? What wrong with them ?

Magicite1253d ago

The path of least resistance...devs really should take note of CDPR how you handle game, DLCs and expansions...

HumanatPlay1253d ago

Well the only way for them to milk it is if the cows show up.

Xman2K1253d ago

This is the fail that the greatness of this series set itself up for. Why doesn't everyone talk smack and bans on all other companies with micro transactions? Why has this series lately faced so much backlash on things other companies have been doing way before? A lot of you guys are biased and spoiled

DarkOcelet1253d ago

I love MGS series so much my friend.

I am hating Konami on their decisions. They will run MGS to the ground. That is my problem. I know MGSV will be a masterpiece but after Kojima leaves. Konami will **** everything up.

EDKICK1253d ago

You mean how everyone was ok with micro transactions in Unity and evolve oh wait or in DA:I multiplayer or how everyone was ok with Arkham Knight DLC oh wait they weren't everything with micro transactions is getting bashed pretty equally and anything venturing near pay to win should get bashed the only thing that gets to much hate a lot of the time is cosmetic dlc which is usually done after the art team is done and before the game ships

Takwin1253d ago

I see I'm not the only one planning to buy this pre-owned. I do not want any of my money going to Konami. The more of us that do this, the better. I'm betting Kojima lands on his feet somewhere great and will have the shackles of Konami off.

orakle441253d ago

I wouldn't be so sure of that. While I do agree with you that Konami is probably behind the micro transactions, don't forget that Kojima did put out Ground Zeroes, and that was pretty damn short for the price that it was. And with that past I wouldn't put it past him either.

I just wouldn't be so quick to judgement.

warczar1253d ago

I would be willing to bet that Konami set the price on ground zeros as well as this microtransaction bs.

MWH1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

you and the hordes are giving too much credit to Kojima.

people are easy to forget the good. i'm not with the corporate policies bullsh1t and i'm not Konima's new vague and questionable direction but it is only fair to say that everything Kojima achieved is because of Konami and Konami certainly benefited from his work, it's a mutual benefit, and whatever happened between the two is pure speculations.

what if it was Kojima's fault to begin with? did anyone think about this possibility? of course not because fanboys will never admit and they'll always be subjective no matter what.

geddesmond1253d ago

I didn't really like Ground zeros and I'm a huge MGS fan after hearing that crap with Kojima, I'm buying this when it drops in price. If Microtransactions are true then Ill just wait for a cheap Game of the Year edition In 2 years time.

Anghellic1253d ago

That doesn't make sense, you say you're a huge mgs but you're gonna wait 2 YEARS to buy the game haha ok

geddesmond1252d ago


I don't know if people really are dumb or just like to act that way sometimes. What doesn't make sense???

Leave it to the Snake avatar people to come out in full defense over the game. I laugh very hard at some people.

MGS4 came out in 2008. Its 2015 I've waited 7 years already. WTF is another 2??? Plus when you eventually grow up ANGHELLIC you'll see that there is more to life than spending hours every day video gaming and and hyping up every single game that comes out likew your PR for these gaming Publishers haha. Try chasing pussy my friend. Its the best game any man can play.

Anghellic1252d ago

ouch, seems like someone got a bit butthurt with my comment

Hold_It1253d ago

It's always up to the publisher, look at MKX with the WB crap. Nerf the koins for the krypt so you will be "encouraged" to buy it outright for $19.99USD. WB with Arkham Knight, let's take out all this "DLC" and charge people a pass rather than letting Rocksteady put it all in the game.

Anghellic1253d ago

The Last Of Us has over 200 micro transactions and no one bitched about that, smh people are just hating

Meltic1253d ago

This game will fail so bad

MrCrimson1252d ago

Probably just skins and shit, who cares.

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2pacalypsenow1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Most likely for MGO , MGO on Ps4 Haden too

Bubiii1253d ago

F*ck Microtransactions. No thanks Konami!

XanderZane1253d ago

I don't even have this game preordered. I just got MSGV:GZ for free on PS Plus. So I'll be playing that while everyone else is playing MGSV: PP. I'm saving my money for Batman, Halo 5, Tomb Raider, SW:Battlefront DE and Nathan Drake Collection.