GameSpy: Dark Void Preview

GameSpy writes: "Developer Airtight Games includes alumni from Microsoft's Xbox aerial combat game, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. That was a game that featured air pirates, zeppelins, and daring aerial exploits. Dark Void, being developed for Capcom by this new outfit, is a game that also features an aerial motif, zeppelins, and a similar sense of pulp adventure, showing once again that developers often stick to what they know. Don't be misled, however. This is a very different game than Crimson Skies, combining a Gears of War-style cover system and shooting mechanics with a novel approach to vertically oriented level design."

-Aerial combat and third-person shooting
-Vertical level design
-Interesting steampunk aeshetics

-Generic robot enemies look identical to one another
-Console frame-rates aren't as far along as PC

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