Have a Gander at the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Xbox One Box Art

The box art for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 on Xbox One, though it's safe to assume this will be carried over to the other platforms.

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ShinMaster1278d ago

Almost every game's box art get's posted on N4G.


do you honestly feel like this is NOT newsworthy? as shin said, box art first looks are always posted on this site. on top of that, im sure a lot of people are really excited to see the new THPS box art specifically just because its been such a long time since.

Massacred1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

OK. A few things.

1. To some of you you, this box art might look kind of generic, but if you played THPS 1-4, the box art actually fits in quite well with the rest of the series. Live action Tony coming off a ramp. It's a nice nod to the continuity and the respect they are (hopefully) paying to past titles.

2. While I might approve of the box art, what I have seen and heard from the game otherwise has left me with very mixed reactions. The graphics didn't stand out particularly, and if any of you have been to real life skate parks, you would know, they are typically covered in markings, graphics, graffiti and a lot more style and flavor than appears in how they are portrayed in Pro Skater 5. More over, they are making some questionable decisions in terms of gameplay ("the ability to shoot projectiles" seriously? Was anyone asking for that in a Tony Hawk game)as well as seeming to ignore critical feedback they were given from their "remake" of Pro Skater 1.

3. While I am excited for the game still, there are many things I wonder, such as why they don't use prominent skaters of today, or people who are simply associated with skate boarding as part of their games. It would be great cross marketing, if we saw Tyler the Creator, the Jackass Crew or Rob Dererk in the story mode and as playable characters.

What this comes down too, is as of right now, the game feels like a lot of missed opportunities, but even with all that said, I am hoping for the best and will still continue to check on previews and gameplay to see how it progresses.

chrish19901278d ago

Exactly my thought's - it's a hark back to the days when a game with Tony Hawk's name was actually worth the price. Hoping this one is a hit, I've missed Tony and the gang

Massacred1278d ago

Agreed. Yet I remain cautious as the developer Robomodo, has had previous experience with the Tony Hawk brand and all three of the previous attempts have turned out pretty bad. Now that isn't to say it's impossible for this to be great. As a huge fan of 1-4 as well as American Wasteland, American Skateland and Underground 1/2, I hope that they will take the time and effort to understand what made those games so great.

But if I am being perfectly honest, what I have seen from the screen shots and they way they seem to be tone def to criticisms of their past games, particularly their remake of Pro Skater 1 is worrying.

Still, it is Pro Skater, so it could still be great.

chrish19901278d ago

Yeah, it really is Activision's lasr chance to reinvigorate the franchise before it just flat out dies. Fingers, toes, eyes and all the rest crossed then...

TheOnlyMastrx1278d ago

Loved the Pro Skater games and the Underground games, hopefully this is similar to those. I don't know what to say or even think about projectiles, but hopefully it works however they impliment it.

DarkZane1278d ago

I wished this would be current-gen only. The PS3 and 360 are gonna make this game looks worse than it could be.

noxeven1277d ago

Can I get some gameplay please.