Five Minutes with Prettygreat's Phil Larsen | Grab It

Grab It Magazine recently had the pleasure of catching up with Phil Larsen (former CEO at Halfbrick), one of the co-founders of new indie studio Prettygreat. As the fledgling studio gears up towards the announcement of its debut title, we thought it might be fun to spend five minutes getting inside Prettygreat's head to see what makes it tick.

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SlappingOysters1253d ago

Whatever happened to halfbrick? They kind of went hell quiet

shipnabottle1253d ago

They haven't been quiet, they've been releasing heaps of games but the quality just isn't there anymore. They are really bad examples of F2P now, even classics like Jetpack Joyride has gone horribly F2P in an ugly way. Not to mention how broken it is now with all its bugs.

Glad they jumped ship. Maybe they can get back to making decent games again.

CoyoteHunter1253d ago

Did they lose talent? Or just sell out to the F2P model? What happened?