Why Do We Game?

Matt Sayer from Grab It Magazine writes:

"There are lots of reasons why people play games, and I recently realized what it is that makes me such a fan of our medium. I game to create. I'm not talking about Minecraft or the myriad of other survival games that utilise its killer hunt/build/hide gameplay loop. The kind of creation I am interested in is of a more humanistic hue."

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PoSTedUP1279d ago

the same reason why we read about game. we love it. ive never been a part of a greater community and could not have even if i tried.

CoyoteHunter1278d ago

Sometimes my love for that community wavers after the never ending fanboy wars....

PoSTedUP1278d ago

hehe, naw i love that part too =]P

shipnabottle1279d ago

My reason is definitely escapism. To get away from mundane reality after work and do fantastical things that I can't do in reality.

SlappingOysters1278d ago

I always have, why wouldn't you?

CoyoteHunter1278d ago

For me, it is the engrossing experience that games offer up. Whether it's immersing myself in a world like The Witcher 3 or even playing a simple game like You Must Build A Boat, games offer such a rich interactive experience.