Destiny (Video): An Entire Trials of Osiris Team Is Demolished With One Snipe

there are rare occasions when the stars align in just the right way, and for a moment, communication fades into the background, and a light from the heavens shines down upon one glorious player. The eye of Osiris gazes down upon the guardian and bestows the warrior with incredible accuracy, strength, skill, and most importantly, luck. If you’ve never seen a moment like this, don’t be surprised. They’re rare. But fortunately, we’ve found a beautiful example to show you.

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Peace_Love_and_FPS1228d ago

Lucky shot, skilled shot, regardless you can't deny its amazing and I would love to see you even attempt that :P don't be a negative Nellie.

OmegaShen1228d ago

Skilled? Maybe if those people weren't dumb and lined up.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1228d ago

Still picked the headshot on the first guy, that takes skill :) also note that I didn't say it was skilled, I simply said that it doesn't matter if it was skilled or lucky, it's f****** cool :D

I see your pessimism knows no bounds, sir