House of Wolves Is Exactly What Destiny Needed to Restore Fans’ Passion

Now, the House of Wolves DLC has been out for a few weeks and many players have been able to experience all of the content it has to offer, including both the weekend exclusive Trials of Osiris and the non-stop combat arena system which was delivered in place of a raid, the Prison of Elders.

Judging by fans’ reactions and reviews, it seems that despite the initial trepidation, the House of Wolves DLC has been a big success and an important win for Bungie.

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Taero1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I came, I played, I left, I came back for HoW as I had bought the season pass, played again, left after a couple of days. I'm not sure who else is judging this as a big success but it reviewed to mediocrity and has had the same criticisms leveled at it. I'm sorry but you can't bill your game as they did and include 3 'quests' as your DLC that take about 40-45 minutes to complete, it's basically a map pack masquerading as a DLC with the focus on pvp and a horde mode.

Much of the new single player content revolved around bounty missions which actually made me care less about what I was doing.

I do wish people who stop making dramatic statements on the forums about how they're leaving and their whole clan is going and Bungie had better listen to them etc. just leave, it's not a big deal, that's what I did.