Wii U is the Last Bastion of Traditional Console Gaming

"For better or worse, Nintendo's stubbornly clung to the old ideas that made game consoles so distinctive—their retro arcade roots. While this hasn't won them any gamer-points in a world where everybody expects their consoles to have similar libraries and behaviors to modern PCs, what it has won them is the best traditional console-focused games on any platform this generation. It's also led to some of the most lovingly-crafted games in the company's entire history."

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Moonman1225d ago

Much love to my Wii U, it keeps getting better and better. I honestly have no clue what some gamers are waiting on. Maybe a price drop but with the upcoming games (an open world HD Zelda being the huge one) and the games on the shelf which some are already modern classics in my book....I feel the system deserves to sell at least close to the N64 lifetime.

Maybay1225d ago

This generation is very strange.

Backward compatibility with Wii games and accessories.

"No account system,'' but ironically, original Wii owners can upload their digital purchases onto the Wii U (which Microsoft and Sony don't allow).

Free online (call it ''basic'' or ''limited,'' it's still free. Sony should've at least kept it the way it was, like on PS3).

It's unfortunate, though Nintendo's branching out to other forms of revenue stream. A dedicated fanbase with a normal/above average attach rate, will do them good in the end (though more is always best).

gangsta_red1225d ago

Your points are all very funny and true. It's just unfortunate that a lot of games that gamers want to play are not found on the WiiU or it would be an excellent sole console to own.

MasterCornholio1225d ago

Well the Wii U lacks good 3rd party support which is why many people don't want to buy one.

Nintendo are not the only ones who make good games.

BitbyDeath1225d ago

"Sony should've at least kept it the way it was, like on PS3"

Yep, worst part of this generation for sure. I pay for it due to PS+ games so luckily that is included otherwise I would not bother at all.

jholden32491225d ago

Agreed. And the people who don't own one only seem to focus on what it doesn't have when they should be focusing on what it DOES have.

There's a crap ton of third-party games you'll never see on the Wii U, but you'll be having so much fun playing the exclusives you won't even notice.

subtenko1225d ago

Traditional console gaming? Yea right... the Wii U....the tabletized controller.. 'traditional'. The PS4 and Xbox controllers are more traditional than the Wii U controller.

Shoot, the regular joy stick is what is actually traditional.

mikeslemonade1225d ago

The WiiU is stuck in last generation and not even better than PS3 or 360.

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Timbalada1225d ago

The controller is not the point and neither are the graphics. Video games as a whole have became over encumbered with a lot of extra stuff that takes away from the actual playing component. Many video games now over utilize extraneous bs. The other day I played a sports game that focused on the statistics and realism so much that their "extra real" animations were too long and cumbersome for me to have any real control of the game. There's games with rich stories but the actual level design is uninspired and the tacked on adventure-rpg elements are to the point where you don't feel growth but it is a rather necessary evil.

I could go on and on but the issues of "I don't like the controller" and "graphics aren't as smooth as other systems" pales in comparison that there is a real issue in game design right now that is pushing for more "emersive" experiences that take away from the actual game part of a video game.

bnoyes1225d ago

Nintendo has been the least traditional option ever since they made the switch to motion controls and the Gamepad.

superchiller1225d ago

Agreed. All Nintendo is known for these days, is their obsession with cheap gimmicks to try to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Wii was crippled by its waggle gimmick and poor hardware, and the Wii U was ruined by the gamepad gimmick (also coupled with very substandard hardware).

Thankfully people came to their senses, and refused to be suckered by this approach a second time. It's time for Nintendo to exit the gaming hardware business, and just go software only. They really have no clue how to design good gaming hardware, and haven’t for many, many years.

marloc_x1225d ago

Let me guess, you will gladly pay $300 for the Morpheus "gimmick".

ps. $350,000,000


fathertime19801225d ago

I can honestly say that I haven't owned a nintendo system since the snes untill I got a wii u so I could have some fun none violent games to play with my son. Let me tell you your missing out on some great games. Also if your judging the gamepad because you think it looks silly let me tell ya, it's a great controller. No menu searching or map screen pauses. Pff screen play without having to purchase an additional "gimmick/council".
I wish the x1 and ps4 had a screen in their controllers to tell you the truth. I love my x1 but personally I think the gamepad is one of the most comfortable controllers out there, convenient, and it adds to the immersion off a game instead of taking away from it. Don't believe me or you disagree that's fine but in either case I'm willing to bet that 90% of ya never used one one

herbs1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Keeping touching your touchpad and watching glare on your TV from a blinking light that hemorage battery life the true innovations of this generation lol. Gamers complain about motion controls being inaccurate and pointless because there was an avalanche of shovelware on the Wii due to its huge commercial success which is understandable however the reality is both Wiimotes and the Gamepad have far more potential than gamers realize. Gamers playing Splatoon universally prefer the motion controls to the basic twin stick style because it is more accurate. I have been programing scripts for Wiimotes on my PC for FPS's like FarCry 4 for several years know and Wiimotes have the potential for pixel precision and 100% reliable gesture control it is just a very complex controller to program for and very few devs outside of Nintendo put any effort into it. That is the reality...

antias1225d ago

Wii U isn't traditional, Traditional wouldn't have a gimmickly touch screen and would focus on hardware power. I don't have a PS4 but really it's the only "Traditional Console" out there. Nintendo should combine their home/handheld console.

BitbyDeath1225d ago

Paying for online isn't traditional.
It is a scam.

XisThatKid1225d ago

then I would say PS2 Dreamcast Gamecube Xbox was it then

BVFTW1225d ago

That huge phone bill, thanks online gaming of yore! XD

wonderfulmonkeyman1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Hardware power is only being focused on, lately, for the sake of realistic cinematic graphics, which in and of itself has degraded into a marketing gimmick that gets easy sales, from people that easily buy into dazzle over substance, despite misrepresenting products.

Meanwhile, that controller you so readily dismiss offers all the buttons of a traditional controller(aside from analog triggers, which has not done anything major to hold back its capabilities), on top of a screen that allows it to perform functions that an outdated controller either could not emulate, or would have to jump through programming hoops to accomplish, at the expense of taking up real estate on the tv screen, as well as possibly interrupting gameplay for mini menus to pop in and perform the functions that the controller's screen does without interruption.

Who cares if it's bigger and a bit heavier? The battery life is really the only true flaw the thing has: otherwise, it stands head and shoulder-triggers above outdated traditional controllers, in terms of potential.

The only real shame is that there have been too few willing to actually take advantage of it. It's basically untapped potential just waiting for more devs to use to enhance the immersion that games can offer.
All they have to do is push for using it right.

InTheLab1225d ago

Or, hardware power focuses on that and doing simple tasks like switching between a game and the console U.I. or downloading and installing games at a speed Wiiu owners could only dream. Tell me, why does it take so long to start a game. Why does it take even longer to switch from the wiiu menus to wii? What's with the insane loading times for such a simple game like DKCTF?

As for the controller, Nintendo doesn't even use it and it's a burden most of the time. The pro controller is miles better for gaming than the tablet or wiimote. I think if you were to separate what you wish the controller to be from what it actually is and we're honest with yourself, you'd come to the same conclusion that the wiiu tablet is a forced gimmick which needlessly drove up the price if the Wiiu. Imagine where the console would be today if Nintendo didn't gamble on a gimmick and instead lowered the price at launch or better yet, made a console to compete with the ps4 or X1. Imagine being able to play Arkham Knight in a few weeks on the wiiu. Back in reality, the console can barely hand Arkham City...

BVFTW1225d ago

Thumbs up 'cause I agree with you about the Wii U controller Monkey Man, that is a really nice concept that could get a lot better when the price of higher tech goes down as there's still some small room for improvement (multi-touch, better res, distance, battery life). The thing that held back the Wii U was definitely hardware grunt, not the controller, it needed better hardware for keeping up with the market, is not only about graphics but "availability", the market moved to some specs and architecture as a standard and the "lateral thinking of withered technology" is "not always" a recipe for success anymore. I also kind of disagree with your first paragraph, not all games this gen are suffering from looks over substance, there are lots of bugs lately mostly because games are growing larger and larger every time, with bigger maps, interactions, characters, animations and physics, refining game foundations is a way to improve gameplay, there is also a big stream of good titles self published by small studios and indie developers that are the bomb.

wonderfulmonkeyman1225d ago

No, Lab. I've been more honest with myself than anyone else here has been; the game pad has been, literally, everything I've liked about old controllers on top of a step forward in innovation.

A broken port of the latest dude-bro catering super hero game, which wouldn't even have all its content on the Wii U because third parties don't actually give a crap about making them equal enough to sell, isn't worth losing all the conveniences and features that the game pad has brought to many of the system's games.

If not for the differences in the Wii U's controller, the system would literally be just a weaker newgen console with nothing innovative going for it, and no third party support because no one wants to show long term support to old ports with missing content on a new system.

herbs1225d ago

Monkeyman you are spot on with your remarks unfortunetly amateur gamers don't have the same knowledge base to pull from as you and are still bedazzled by high detail low substance games that focus more on broad appeal and screen shots. Most gamers still don't realize that fancy graphics are often more gimmicky than having more varied control options at your finger tips.

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WizzroSupreme1225d ago

It sure is. But wish it could be even more than that too.

RosweeSon1225d ago

Who wants a sole console if you can't afford it then fair enough but every gamer worth anything should have one of these to compliment either of the big 2, (ps4 for me) but Wii U is a beast, sure it's not technical powerhouse but who cares I'm not one for all this 4K baloney I want hear and now and to be perfectly honest Nintendo are making some of the best games around anywhere... Now!.
Wii U has got more than enough classics to keep people busy for a good year or so and that's before you even dip into the virtual console.

BigDuo1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

According to a 2014 research study by the ESA, the average amount of US households that own two dedicated video game consoles is 51%.

Anyway, on a personal note as a PS4 and Wii U owner, I currently prefer my Wii U.

Aenea1225d ago

Ehmm, but it's rather easy to own 2 dedicated consoles if you also count the previous gens! heck, I still have my Atari 2600! :)

I love games and I would love to also get a Wii U, am a PS fan since the PS1, but if I had enough money to burn I would also get an X1 for the exclusives I will miss out on otherwise. Honestly though I still have a huge backlog from my PS3 and also the PS4s is starting to grow, adding 2 more systems would mean that backlog would be getting even bigger. Besides, am spending more than enough on games as it is!

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