Kotaku: Hands-On With Fable II, Molyneux's "Biggest" Game

Kotaku writes: "Getting a proper impression of a game like Fable II, one that spans the lives of multiple generations, is almost impossible at an event like E3. And if Fable II lead Peter Molyneaux is being accurate when he calls the game "The biggest, most complete story of any game I've ever created," we haven't seen, well, anything yet.

That's why it's helpful that something like Fable II can be broken down into digestible, feature-focusing chunks. The game's dog, for example, with its ability to help out in battle, its nose for hidden treasure, we know is going to be A Big Deal. We won't be surprised if Man's Best Friend plays a more important role than Molyneux led us to believe in our sit down preview of his Xbox 360 game."

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BoneMagnus3740d ago

Hearing that the main quest will only take 11-12 hours worries me. There has been no detail regarding side quests. Yes, they have talked about marriage, kids, buying houses, but I want adventure, monsters and quests.

With Oblivion for example, you could take on tons of faction and random quests and never touch the main story.

I loved all the social interaction of the first Fable, and I'm excited about it expanding in Fable 2. I'm just worried that they've created "Sims with a few quests thrown in".

I want to hear about side quests both content and total game length as well as world size and the density of dungeons and things to explore.

THE_MACC3740d ago

Yeah, I keep going on about this game to my buddies at work. But every time they read any interview with Peter M, he is banging on about unconditional love, and how you can get married and have babies.
It's hard to get some guys that are FPS fans, to listen to me that this game will be good.
I have had it on pre-order since 2006. As the first one while short was great.
But they need to talk about the combat system more and all the stuff you mentioned.

Phil Collins3740d ago

This game looks oscar worthy.

I cannot wait.

The SDF would be wise to fear it.

Tmac3740d ago

Lol, just like the last one right? I bought an Xbox for Fable and I was sorely disappointed, I'm considering buying my second Xbox 360 for Fable 2, but I learned the last person you trust is the one with the biggest mouth. Go play Banjo Kazooie.

rhood0223740d ago

I really like the first Fable so I'm sure I'll like the second. Because, in my short experience with the game, I see it as more of what the first game should have been rather than a sequel.

However, while I wasn't impressed with visual progress of the game or the sphere based co-op based on recent a hands on play through, the series has more than enough charm to make up for its short comings.