Exclusive look at coming Witcher 3 DLC


We get an early look at a new sidequest being released as free DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Is it worth your time? Where exactly do you go? Find out without any major spoilers.

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MilkMan1228d ago

They need mid to high level content bro!
I'm in the teens already and since they nerfed the exp now so when you do lower level quest at higher levels you get like 5xp instead of what it was supposed to be, there isn't much incentive to do them. (that was a bad patch).

Takwin1228d ago

I did everything in this game for fun, not XP. Beat in 136 hours on Blood and Broken Bones and enjoyed every second of it. Not concerned in the slightest at the xp change or anything regarding it.

In this game, if you do not like a secondary quest or Witcher contract, skip it. There is so much to do, just enjoy yourself.

Simco8761228d ago

Enjoying yourself? In a video game? Don't make the younger generation laugh! ahahha

I remember when getting the high score was "enjoying myself" lol