The Pussification of Games

"First, a major title is released to great fanfare throughout the lexicons of gaming culture. I pay $50-$60 for said title and begin the singleplayer campaign. The campaign is great but I notice I'm flying by levels at record speed and begin to wonder how much longer I have to go before it's over. Then it ends. After that, I unlock some difficulty level with a name like "Uber Rightousness" to convey that it's supposed to be hard, and I go ahead and work on that. And This takes place in a week's timespan. Two if I'm playing multiple games, three if it's an RPG. Then I play multiplayer until the next big game comes out. Rinse and repeat. Notice the pussification that takes place between the transition from classic to modern gaming."

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RealityCheck3829d ago

I agree that playing on an easier level than your skills is not fun.

However for games to sell the most (so the developer can make money and more games later) a good compromise is to offer many difficulty levels and frequent save points.

Experienced players can play at the higher difficulty level and choose not to save to get the "old days" thrill of gaming.

New players can still play the game they paid for without getting stopped at the first boss and feeling like they wasted their time and money. Once they finish the game if their skills got better, they can play again on a higher difficulty setting.

It's really win-win as long as the higher difficulty setting is made from smart AI and not just cheap tricks.

HowarthsNJ3829d ago

Most games were designed specifically to make you keep those coins coming.

HateBoy3829d ago

"Ninja Gaiden: The anti pussifier"

That's right biatches!

boogeyman9993829d ago

Nothing was easier than Halo 3. That game really hurt me. Except I disagree with Gears. That game was nubtacular.

n00bFRAGGER3829d ago

Ninja Gaiden II was really hard, but for which reasons? Actually hard? Or was it cheap.

giantchicken3829d ago

Nobody makes these complaints about MGS4.

toughNAME3829d ago

It's lists like this that make me feel like a casual gamer

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The story is too old to be commented.