Wii MotionPlus Took Developers By Surprise

Game Informer writes: "One of Nintendo's reveals at last week's E3 was a new peripheral, the Wii MotionPlus. The gizmo, which snaps onto the base of the system's remote, promises to give users more precise levels of control in games. The attachment will be bundled with the upcoming Wii Sports Resort, which also serves as a showcase of sorts for the peripheral. For example, players will be able to compete in a fencing-by-way-of-American-Gladiators duel, and their sword attacks and blocks are accurately rendered on screen. Another game has players hold the remote and nunchuk like a Jet Ski's handlebars, and they get to drive through rings in the ocean.

After getting our hands on it, it's clear that Wii MotionPlus delivers what it's advertised as doing. Who'd be upset with such functionality? As it turns out, the answer to that question is developers."

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