CD Projekt RED announces more free Witcher DLC later this week

More Gwent cards and another quest line to be added later this week

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Kingthrash3601225d ago

Hope other devs are taking note...they sold millions in two weeks and these free dlc just complement this stellar game. With all the free content it has the most bang for your bucks that I've seen in an already gigantic game.

bmwfanatic1225d ago

Gta v says hi way more free updates and free content than any other game out.

xPhearR3dx1225d ago

While I agree with your statement, GTA V has also been out for nearly 2 years. So it's kinda unfair to say it has way more free updates compared to a game that's not even a month old.

sevilha821225d ago

your´re acctualy comparing the content between a two week game to a two year old game...

_-EDMIX-_1225d ago

I mean...did you forget many games already do this?

The BF series has been giving free content for years.


even with all the BS that happen with Evolve...its still giving free DLC.

GT did the same thing for 5 and 6

Red Dead Redemption added free content too

Mind you, the games I listed all have paid for DLC and Witcher 3 has paid for DLC along with free. Free content coming with a game isn't something new, not even slightly.

Mean, while your at it, thank those other teams too. I like what this team is doing, but I've also liked that other teams have done the same years prior and are still currently doing that. I feel some are not aware that this is a normal practice and let me remind folks again...Witcher 3 has paid for DLC coming up like those other games had DLC. Sooo this whole "take note" thing doesn't make sense. There is a huge list of developers that have done this and that are currently doing this right now.

Kingthrash3601224d ago

Wow....I never said witcher was the only game doing this. I was just praising how quickly they've done it. The game is super huge and honestly doesn't need dlc to be fully enjoyed unlike the games above that you've mentioned. Plus it's not a online mp game it's a rpg...a rpg with well over 100 hrs worth of story gameplay without dlc. Fps games has that many hours of game play but in a repetitive fashion. Please lose me with evolve ...please, that "game" is an incomplete game made to rob gamers...built with dlc in mind....smh. Out the gate the witcher doesn't need dlc you can fully enjoy it out of the box...where the games you mentioned...except red dead.... Need the dlc to be fully enjoyed....especially if you have a squad and they have the dlc. Ever try to play BF with friends and didn't have the maps? Not too fun is it. Plus the witcher costs what 30 for the season pass where BF dlc costed 49 bucks. Evolve over 100. Smh man why the argument and comparisons?
Again I hope other devs are taking note.... Deliver a full complete game for 60 bucks give some free minor dlc and charge 30 bucks for a season pass that doesn't feel like you need it to enjoy the you want it because you want to continue enjoying the game.

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chrisx1225d ago

These guys are unbelievable

Angainor71225d ago

Thank you for everything CDPR!

Takwin1225d ago


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