Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Reveal Goes as Well as Expected

Sega announced a sequel to Sonic Boom, and the internet certainly didn't disappoint with its reaction. Boy, did they not disappoint.

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-Foxtrot1231d ago

I really can't believe they are sticking with Sonic Boom

Just when you think they've butchered Sonic enough they do this

Is it that hard for a normal Sonic game like the old ones or even something like Sonic Adventure

GigawattConduit1231d ago

Honest question, what is generally considered the last "good" Sonic game, and has it been tainted by the stink from recent titles?

TheRetroGoat1231d ago

Sonic Generations is probably the last one anyone considers past "decent." Sonic Generations is a genuinely good game, even if it's not perfect.

-Foxtrot1231d ago

Pretty much what TheRetroGoat said

Sonic Generations was great, it would of been amazing if they just cut out modern Sonic and created a plot on classic Sonic.

None of that "Oh a big villain is messing with time" crap. Just a simple "Robotnik is making a weapon of mass destruction, lets stop him" the old games.

Before that though I think Sonic Adventure 2 was the last decent game. Loved the Chao garden in that

GigawattConduit1231d ago

Didn't people like Sonic Heroes and Colors (was Colors pre-Generations, or do I have that wrong?)

Fez1231d ago

Honest answer, Sonic 06.

dcj05241231d ago

Sonic Lost world was considers goodish if a bit misguided. Last real decent sonic game was sonic generations. Which was 4 years ago. Before that it Wed sonic colors which was 5 years ago. So it's been a while. They really had something good for a second with the modern boat gameplay but I guess they absolutely hate money.

leahcim1231d ago

Sonic 3D for mega CD was the last proper sonic game for me. Sadly Sonic-team was not able to make the 3d leap as amazing as Mario 64 did. This is the sad reality in my opinion.

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Relientk771231d ago

What are you talking bout Sonic Boom is so good...

GigawattConduit1231d ago

From what I hear, it's about as good as spiders laying eggs in your throat.

3-4-51231d ago

Sonic Boom 2 is what happens when the person in charge of your company is making ONLY money decisions.

AnotherProGamer1231d ago

they are sticking with it because they have a cartoon about it

ChronoJoe1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

It's because Sonic Boom actually spawned from the TV show, rather than the other way around, and the Sonic Boom TV show is actually rather successful.

It makes sense to make another Sonic Boom game, since kids seem to like the character designs, it's the gameplay and game design that was at fault in the original sonic boom. Hopefully it's something they will rectify with future titles.

Also, Sonic Boom is definitely a bad game, but it's not as bad as people say. How many of you have actually played it? CGRUndertow's review encapsulates my thoughts on the game and its negative press.

Simply put, the game was not a surprise. Sonic games haven't been good for a long time, and while Sonic Boom isn't a good game, neither was Sonic 06, or Sonic Unleashed, or Sonic and the Black Knight, heck, Sonic Boom actually does some components better than some of those games. Others it does worse, but overall it's just another bad Sonic game. It's not the worst game ever made, not by a long stretch, it's just not a very good game overall. It's more mediocre than anything, perfectly playable, just dull in every respect.

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FallenAngel19841231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Why oh why can't they just continue the successful formula of Sonic Generations? Sonic needs to come to PS4 and X1 already, maybe even Vita.

The last two Boom games were the worst selling titles in the franchise, even Sonic '06 pushed pass a million. Whoever thought more games in this alternate continuity should be made has no soul love for the franchise.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1231d ago

even though it not Sonic Team. Sonic Team need to just do what they did with Colors on Wii. The best 3D Sonic game.

Germany71231d ago

And Sega complains about the sales of your games on consoles, lol, with decisions like that, that's why your games flop.

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