Halo 3 back as top game on Xbox Live

DarkZero: Major Nelson has just updated with his weekly listing of top games played by users connected to Xbox Live. In a change from recent activity the listing reveals that for this week at least Halo 3 has reclaimed top spot from Call of Duty 4.

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3743d ago Replies(1)
Overr8ed3743d ago

good for them, they will all come back the COD4 they always do...

Omegasyde3743d ago


Activision/Infinity Ward is sitting on a goldmine (cod4) and made substantial profit from the new map packs. Why they aren't releasing new maps is just plain stupid.

Domenikos3743d ago

DUH...i always choose my game according to trends, ill drop cod 4 and go back halo DUH....

Rofflecopter3743d ago

<--- traded in Halo 3 after i beat the campaign and found that the multiplayer was slow and full of 10 yr olds. did i mention shotty snipers every other map?

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infinate3743d ago

In about 10 minutes call of duty 4 will be back on top