PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Square Enix, Bethesda And Darksiders Sale For PS3 And PS4

GearNuke writes: "PlayStation Store is having a massive sale this week from publisher Square Enix and Bethesda Softworks. There is also a sale on the Darksiders franchise perhaps to drum up the hype for the re-release of Darksiders 2 on PS4."

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Takwin1253d ago

Solid lead up to E3. Maybe they launch a new set of deals to run during E3. Not sure if the upcoming Steam sale makes Sony or Microsoft more or less likely to offer major discounts. They refuse to match Steam sales so I'm not sure.

Drithe1253d ago

Great games at great prices.

ThunderPulse1253d ago

Sleeping Dogs was the only game with a great price the rest I've seen for less in physical form.

RealFry1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I was hoping Wolfenstein would be $15 or less, it's been $30 for the longest time. However, Sleeping dogs is a ....sleeper hit in this sale, lol. Only thing is I already bought it on PC a while back.

F0XHOUND1253d ago

I want the standard deus ex on sale. This version loses the awesome orange tint :(

Darkwatchman1253d ago

Lose the Orange tint, but fixes so many issues with the game. But I guess a simple color filter overrides actual desogn deficiencies in the original version.

Agent_00_Revan1253d ago

Wait, what's wrong with this version? I want it because of the Boss fights and other fixes. I've played the regular version several times, so I guess it doesnt matter.

akurtz1253d ago

Get the new vegas ultimate edition better, it includes all the dlc for only $15 at walmart.

Jeff2571253d ago

Nice sale but I just bought Sleeping Dogs for my PS4 a little over a week ago. It kind of sucks seeing if I had waited I could have gotten it much cheaper.

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The story is too old to be commented.