E3 2009 May Be The End

Reports confirm that E3 is slated to return in 2009, however it may be the event's swan song.

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DA_SHREDDER3792d ago

I hate E3 now. I think that publishers should hold their own conferances when they actually have stuff to show. Isntead of wasting their time and resources on events that dont even appeal to the people they put the show on for.

Nostradavis3792d ago

Ok, so if E3 came back next year, opened its doors, and was everything it used to be, then rode off into the sunset never to return again ... you would be happy?

StephanieBBB3791d ago

Bring back boothbabes for the last E3!

RememberThe3573792d ago

But I will. They should open the doors to the public again. Period. Let the U.S. fanboys have they're fun.

Superfragilistic3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I think E3 can still turn things around.

What they should do is keep the journalists and gamers separate but both at E3 -

- So that it still operates as the industry convention we saw this year which whilst not exciting for gamers does work for journalists, developers and the platform holders,
- But that it seperately operates as the PR/gaming extravaganza for gamers and fans. This would also get the support of publishers who want to promote their wares.

The press conferences for press, the extravaganza for gamers/fans and the game floor for everybody. :)

doshey3792d ago

no e3 was fine then they had to close it to the public then everything went down hill ya 07 wasnt that bad but god good 08 sucked, all u have to do is restore it to its former glory and were good e3 will be what it use to be, but hey we know thats not going to happen so may as well do what the DA_SHREDDER said to do let the developers do there own press conferences something like sports do stuff like that, e3 should be dropped unless turned back to the way it was

BulletToothtony3792d ago

I mean come on.. we already knew about 97% of the games announced... only new things were MAG, Fat Princess.. come psn games and the FFXIII going multi...

did they really need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for this?? They should do it every 2 years and let these companies only show new games... not games we've known about for months..

We have internet now... i rather watch HD trailers than a show were i can't see crap...

Nostradavis3791d ago

careful what you wish for....

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