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thegreatklemba1322d ago

I loves the souls-like games but way to soon for this maybee 2017 . I just don't want the good thing to much it goes stale

Brotard1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I really wish the leaks would stop! but with such a connected world now days its never going to happen! I want to be surprised by these kind of things! Bethesda did a pretty good job with fallout, we all knew that was obviously coming sooner or later. But still the reveal was exciting because we weren't 100% sure what we were getting!

Though i doubt miyazaki will be heading this one like he did for 1 and blood borne. because blood borne is still an active game. Though who knows.

mikeslemonade1322d ago

Looks worst than Fallout 4. I had hi expectations for this game. Seems like a downgrade from BB visually. Some areas don't look any better than DS2.

zidane13411322d ago

@mikeslemonade, so what? The Dark souls games always looked a little underwhelming. that hasn't changed the fact that they have some great gameplay, and exploration, and even better atmosphere. As long as the frame rate is as smooth as next gen DS2, then that's what should be more important.

Forn1322d ago


Funny how you can tell that from a piece of concept art. Also the unconfirmed leaked screenshots look awesome imo, and the game should continue to improve up until it's release. If Miyazaki is at the helm it's guaranteed to be incredible.

Crimzon1321d ago

I agree with mikeslemonade, the leaked screenshots of Dark Souls 3 look like a very noticeable downgrade from Bloodborne. Given that Dark Souls 3 will be releasing a year after Bloodborne and feature the same director, I'm getting the impression that this game is most definitely rushed. I'd love to be wrong of course but I think anyone who isn't wary is being a little foolish.

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SilentNegotiator1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

They said that they want to treat the Dark Souls series like a typical AAA series, so this isn't shocking. 2-3 year dev time will probably be the norm for this series from now on.

I'd rather see another Bloodborne, myself. The balancing was infinitely better in that game than the rest of the souls games.

EvilWay1322d ago

I agree but the lack of variety kills the game for me. I loved it during my first playthrough but I have no reason to go through it again. I also don't like the PVP.

Dark Souls 1 is still the best

zidane13411322d ago

really? This game seems to have more replay value then a lot of other games. If you change up your equipment its practically like a whole new ballpark. Just going from a normal warriar to a mage is completely different playstyles.

SilentNegotiator1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )


I kind of agree. I felt like I explored everything in Bloodborne on the first playthrough, but not so much with Dark Souls 1. I was pretty thorough though; found the castle, got in the clinic, etc.

And then there was the magic and more weapon variety, but I'll still take Bloodborne's balancing to that.

Magicite1322d ago

If they keep pumping masterpieces, then there's no such term as TOO SOON!

LexHazard791322d ago

Im guessing you dont have a
Might go stale on ya..

showtimefolks1321d ago

will we have any surprises left by the time we actually get to E3?

dark souls a huge game to announce a E3
Fallout 4 another that came before E3
ps4/xbox one 1TB(sony i guess will confirm at E3)
halo 5
gears 4
forza 6
tomb raider
quantic break
uncharted 4
Kingdom hearts 3
uncharted trilogy
god of war 4 teaser
guerrilla's new IP
AC syndicate
call of duty black ops 3
the division
prince of persia
nba 2k
mirror's edge
star wars

and i am sure i am missing many titles that we already know about. i mean keep all this for E3

now E3 has become almost all we know fest

Azzanation1321d ago

DS2 came out in 2014, 2016 is a perfect time to release DS3. This is a welcome addition to my DS collection. Hoping PC gets a 4k version because in 2016 ill have a new TV by then :)

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davemyrose921322d ago

Ohhh yeaaa, looks like there going more in the direction of dark souls one, which is great, however dark souls 2 was still really fcking good even though it gets the most criticism,

Shinuz1321d ago

Yeah I think I actually prefered ds2 over bloodborne, even though I loved bloodborne as well.

Satyre281322d ago

Super excited, after playing bloodborne (Awesome game) it just didnt fill that void that the souls series does for me. Bloodborne was honestly a bit on the easier side especially after the first hour or so once you start leveling your character it kinda just becomes face roll, you get have so many bloodvials you cant even use them all, you begin to pretty much able to face roll all the enemies because they dont hit you hard enough before you kill them. Also wasn't really all that long hopefully we get some DLC soon. Dark souls on the other hand is a different beast with its difficulty, super excited cant wait to see it at E3.

nucky641322d ago

well, if we're talking "easier" -I thought both darksouls games were easier than demon souls - but, I still had fun playing them.

DragonKnight1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Not gonna happen. IGN is regurgitating what TheKnow has already posted, and TheKnow posted suspicious pictures that look mostly like Bloodborne to begin with. These are also the guys that faked the news story that Silent Hills was 80% done and that it was bought by MS only for it later to be seen that they cropped a picture of Silent Hills and added the MS logo but it was from a Kinect developer and they forgot to take that bit out.

TheKnow is like a tabloid, making up news so they can say they have it first.

I will believe that Dark Souls 3 is coming only when it's announced. Until then, this "official unreleased art" that IGN says they obtained but not how or from where means absolutely nothing.

gangsta_red1322d ago

I definitely agree. I would love a Dark Souls III but the art shown/leaked did look like concept art from Bloodborne, the main character even looked to have a trick weapon on his back.

Some of the art looked like it may have came from Dark Souls also.

Like I said, I am hoping for a Hidetaka Miyazaki directed Dark Souls III but I am not holding my breath.

ziggurcat1321d ago

"I would love a Dark Souls III but the art shown/leaked did look like concept art from Bloodborne"

it most certainly did not look like anything from bloodborne.

first - the armour is nothing like bloodborne. what's mostly shown is something that look like the elite knight armour.
second - shields! there are basically no shields in bloodborne... if you don't count the dinky wood shield that's pretty much just a troll on the part of the devs (evident in the description of the shield). and no guns are shown, either.
third - magic is shown in some of the screenshots. no spells in bloodborne.
fourth - there's no trick weapons in any of those screenshots. showing a weapon on the character's back =/= a trick weapon, especially when it's clearly just a sword.
fifth - the HUD...there is no HUD in the lower left corner in bloodborne, and it looks exactly like the dark souls HUD
sixth - one of the screenshots shows an estus flask. no estus flasks in bloodborne.

i would be genuinely interested to hear your thoughts on why you think it's bloodborne concept art because from the concept art to the alleged gameplay screenshots, it all looks very mediaeval, and distinctly dark souls to me.

gangsta_red1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


I explained this in another thread but I'll do it again here.

As I said in my above comment, some of the art looked like it came from Dark Souls that doesn't convince me it's a new game since that art could have been concept for part 2. Some of the other art looked like concept or art from Bloodborne.

If you watch the art they even show a gothic like setting, one of the art pieces even has what looks like a trick weapon on the main character's back. Trick weapons are from Bloodborne.

ziggurcat1321d ago


right, but a gothic-like setting doesn't mean it's from bloodborne. bloodborne arguably takes place in the 18th/19th century while gothic architecture surfaced in the 12th/13th centuries, so to make the argument that gothic = bloodborne is moot because they're two completely different time periods (separated by about 500 years). plus, there's gothic architecture in dark souls as well (the flying buttresses on some of the churches is a huge clue).

and that's really not a trick weapon on the character's back in any of those screenshots. it's a full sword on his back.

at any rate, we shall see next week if all of this is actually true if they do, in fact, announce this game at E3. i think we both can agree that a new souls game would be really awesome.

gangsta_red1321d ago


Are we seriously going to argue what time period gothic settings took place in?

Yes, I for one hope this rumor is true. I would love for a new Dark Souls III game. I seriously, really hope this is true.

I'm just not going to get super overhyped just to be let down as the many years of waiting for Fallout 4 taught me that lesson.

ziggurcat1321d ago


no, no, i'm not arguing with you. just stating my reasons why it's probably not concept art from bloodborne, that's all. and the point really was that the gothic architecture doesn't necessarily denote what game it is since it appears in both.

and i agree - it's better to remain cautiously excited for this until it's officially announced.

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kurruptor1322d ago

Just because they posted a rumor that was wrong doesn't mean they are faking anything or making things up. They said the Silent Hills was just a rumor, and then Microsoft denied it.

They said this was a rumor.

Do they have a history of making things up or something?

DragonKnight1322d ago

Of course they're going to say it's a rumour. If they tried passing it off as fact they'd make all of RoosterTeeth look bad, probably be blacklisted, immediately made the joke of the internet, etc...

When you say that a game is 80% complete and that a company has bought the rights to the game, and the one picture you provide can only be found by you and at the bottom of it is the chicanery of having a Kinect logo, then you post a story with pics that, again, only you have and looks like concept art from a game that's already out, you're clearly making up the news yourself.

I expect more "rumours" to come out from them that are equally bogus.

kurruptor1322d ago

Or maybe they are saying it is a rumor because it is exactly that, something that can't be verified? We get rumors everyday from all kinds of places.

Why are you saying that these people are faking things in this particular situation?

DragonKnight1322d ago

I already explained to you why. I can say "rumour has it that clouds taste like chocolate" and when people prove me wrong I can say "well I said it was a rumour."

And when you reveal the rumours the way they do, it's easy to see that they are fake. Does anyone expect these nobodies to have information that sites like IGN or Gamespot don't have? While their evidence is either photoshopped entirely, or looks like concept art from an already released game and also likely photoshopped?

It's clearly fake.

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