Resident Evil 5 release slipped by SEGA

And just to think, Capcom said It would not happen, apparently in this interview featured on Kotaku.SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery, has slipped big time and announced that Resident Evil 5, is indeed coming to the Wii. Resident Evil fans who own the franchise on Gamecube can now rejoice, the collection is rumored to be complete all by slip of the tongue.

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TheHater3792d ago

is anyone actually surprise by this news? I am not

Dark vader3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Well the game is going to be seriously gimped, i have lost all interest in this game. i am not going to even buy it.

Mr. Fils-Aime fired back with a "Not yet!" and a laugh that left us more confused than when we started the question.

confirmed resident evil 5 for the wii.

chaosatom3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

*goes to play MGS4*

HateBoy3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

So? Will it make any difference? No. If anything, the wii is gonna get crapped on, its not like capcom doesnt have the resources to develop multiplat games.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3792d ago

Sorry but I'd rather play RE5 with an xbox or ps3 controller than some crappy motion-sensor controller numb-chuck. Remember xbox is the base version so both the ps3 and xbox versions of RE5 will be awesome and will stomp on the Wii version. Saying that you wont buy RE5 because of this, well fine go ahead DONT BUY IT! To be honest, on one cares whether or not you buy it, youre going to miss out on an awesome game, have fun...(goes and plays Twilight Princess)

ExcelKnight3791d ago

Because the Wii OBVIOUSLY doesn't have a Classic Controller and GameCube Controller support...

But still, RE5 on Wii might not go as well as Capcom might plan. Maybe it'll be a sidestory or a sub-story to fill out what RE5 is on the PS3/Xbox 360?

Fox013786d ago

will it have online co-op (friend codes FTW)? If so I hope I'll be able to use my WiiSpeak to chat with my partner.

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Grassroots3792d ago

No surprise, money is to be made.

Mine's definitely going towards the 360/PS3 version which looks ace!

jmalc3791d ago

The story links to the wrong video, whereas in the real segment (E3 Pop Quiz on Kotaku), Simon's response of "not yet" is clearly a joke.

I can't believe stuff like this gets so popular on here. I could link to a random forum, title the story "360 AND PS3 TO TRADE HALO 4 FOR GOD OF WAR 3", and watch the story top these charts.

Ogrekiller3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

and make Panzer Dragoon Sega already. (Not the real name.)

Zerodin3792d ago

For crying out loud Sega, make a new PD!
It doesn't have to be perfect...just better then Lair!

Acidicpack3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Lair is a game that I should have never bought. Playing that game is about as much fun as trying to stick a 2X4 up your a$$ sideways lol But a new PD game would so own =)

Dannagar3792d ago

I'd love a remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga. It's a heavily underrated JRPG.

Guwapo773792d ago

I don't think it was underrated...that game was given alot of credit in it's day. The game was very good just not great. Underrated I think not. I was the game to get back then.

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Zerodin3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I thought Dead Rising: Chop till you drop was a consolation prize for Wii only owners not getting RE5. Well despite having a 360, I will get the Wii version. I loved the controls in the Wii edition of RE4.
In this case the controls win out over the graphics, for me.


Bubbles for you gameplay is always over graphics and graphic whores can kiss my ass!

BrotherNick3792d ago

The controls for RE4 are great.

ZeroBlitz3792d ago

How do you expect co-op to work well on the Wii...? Most likely it'll be cut from the Wii version and you'll be stuck with the AI partner throughout the game. That seems like a major negative point in gameplay to me. :/

N4g_null3791d ago

First of all this was a mistake and it's not planned at least in the public's eyes.

So conduit is going to have co-op and death match play and res evil 5 with a better res evil 4 wii make engine will be just fine for me if I can have the same control as res evil 4. I'm betting the co op in res evil 5 on the HD systems is going to suck compared to the Wii verison just look back at that trailer the sniper could barely help the other player because joystick sniping sucks. Now Res evil 4 was deadly ever one got head shots a lot easier, hell you could shoot weapon almost out of their hands.

The assets are already made and any processing that needs to be done is simply culling away the extra added stuff. It's a lot easier to scale down stuff than to go up. If capcom really wants a test to see what people want they should try this on the Wii. The ammount of games that can steal sales away from this game on the HD console makes a port to the Wii a good idea with only conduit sitting there in the FPS slot with COD.

Hey but like I said before this is not currently planned yet i won't stop them testing out what they can do to port it! Seriously I can't go back to stick aiming after that. It's either a mouse or a Wii mote. Oyeah it would be ready for the Wii motion+ too.

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big shadow3792d ago

it didn't surprise me either.