5 Games To Take If You're Stuck On A Deserted Island

Bagogames imagines what games to take if one was stuck on a deserted island that has electricity.

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AdamKoziol1228d ago

I'd also add some Monster Hunter games to that list, especially if this deserted island also has an internet connection.

joab7771228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I agree. I think this is an article to snub TW3 cuz I'd take that over Dragon Age. There will be no multi so I'm not sure about Borderlands. No electricity!

For real though if there were no limitations, I'd take TW3, Destiny, FF14, NBA or NHL 2016 and Bloodborne. I do live Dragons Dogma though and Monster Hunter. Hmmm. Also, Persona and Fallout 4 if it's out. Damn. I'd take 10.

Ajoyshop1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

That's the issue. It'd be hard to boil it down to just a few titles. Especially assuming you have unlimited amount of time to do just about everything. So games with replay value and tons of content are important.

breakpad1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Monster Hunter and MGO ...especially MGO 2 from MGS4 i could play it forever (nothing managed to surpassed until now in comparison with any multiplayer competitive game)

jokerman271228d ago

I totally forgot about the Persona series, I'd def want 3 or 4 with me.

brish1228d ago

How many deserted islands have power?!

Personally I would prefer having a boat over a video game I can't play.

brish1228d ago

To disagrees. You have fun not playing your games on an island while I'll get off the island and actually play something.

jokerman271228d ago

I own several Monster Hunter games, but they've never sucked me in the way they have other gamers, yet....

Ajoyshop1228d ago

Give me some Elder Scroll games and the Fallout series (please let Fallout 4 come out first before this). I could replay those over and over again especially if there was nothing else to do besides surviving on a deserted island with limited food supplies lol.

jokerman271228d ago

Yeah hopefully Fallout 4 is as massive as Skyrim!

Ajoyshop1228d ago

I was kind of disappointed how small New Vegas was. I mean it was expansive but I finally reached a point where I had seen and done everything. Skyrim and Fallout 3 after all these years I still have undiscovered places. So I too hope that the Boston wasteland is really expansive.

cyclindk1228d ago

A desert island... with electricity...

Ajoyshop1228d ago

Roll with it man lol. What games would you bring?

cyclindk1227d ago

Probably a PC game, like turn-based strategy, I have spent vastly more time on those in the past than anything else.

Does multiplayer work? Is there an internet connection? Infinity replayability there, but if not, maybe some RPG type experience, Witcher or something. I liked Windwaker on Gamecube a lot. The Darkness: Sanity's Requiem perhaps. Tough choices.

Civilization III for TBS game. or Civ II

bunt-custardly1228d ago

Ok imagine it's a deserted island that has a broken but workable wind generator powerful enough to boot up a console/pc and small monitor tv.

Psychotica1228d ago

Dark Souls\Demon Souls\Bloodbourne series
The Witcher 3

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The story is too old to be commented.