Quit being surprised: 'Elder Scrolls Online' launches with NA, EU server issues

While this morning's launch of 'Elder Scrolls Online' did encounter some server issues, ZeniMax deserves some credit for handling these ultimately minor bugs with speed and precision. After all, there's no such thing as a perfect software launch, so gamers need to stop pretending they exist.

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jrshankill1317d ago

Author is sipping out of an Elder Scrolls mug, wears an Elder Scrolls shirt and has a map of Tamriel above his bed.

jznrpg1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Anyone who has played MMOs at launch know the first couple of days can be anywhere from a little buggy with some crashes to a total sh!tstorm so this doesnt sound bad.

brish1317d ago

MMOs?! I believe you mean games.

Games almost never work on release anymore.

GhostTurtle1317d ago


You must only play bad games...

MysticStrummer1317d ago

"Games almost never work on release anymore."

Huge exaggeration.

brish1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )


Name some games you've bought in the past five years that didn't have a day one patch, and didn't have many patches afterwards and you'll win the debate.

rainslacker1317d ago


Only games I've brought broken are ones that are overly hyped and pushed out on a firm release date. The MP portion of many games is usually sketchy or completely broken on day one, but otherwise, more games work day one than don't.

Last game I brought that worked on day one no issue was The Order. Before that, almost all my games were japanese focused games, and they worked fine.

So yeah, you're over-exaggerating.

brish1317d ago


The Order had a day one patch.

GhostTurtle1316d ago


Your contradicting yourself dude. Day 1 patch doesn't = game doesn't work

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hed0nist1317d ago

Well, in your defense, as I was getting dressed this morning I did think to myself, "I could really use an Elder Scrolls T-shirt." So, while I did try to be somewhat even-handed, it'd be a lie not to admit that I am a fanboy … but what gamers doesn't love Elder Scrolls, you know?

brish1317d ago

I just tried to play Skyrim and it crashed on me.

No love for elder scrolls from me today.

Activemessiah1317d ago

Who's fault is it for for buying it before waiting for confirmation of it being fixed...I guess first day buyers never learn.

TheSaint1316d ago

This, anyone that buys a product that doesn't work as advertised, then is happy about it, is a fool.

Activemessiah1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Thank you! I don't get the disagreements, all I'm saying is wait a little bit then buy it, these days you can't play some games without patches, keep track of updates and optimisations and then when issues are addressed, get it... simples.

cplus1317d ago

I'm three hours in and two of my quests are bugged and I can't finish either on. THREE HOURS.

davemyrose921317d ago

I'm 5 hours in and lvl 7 was going good but the lag got to bad it became unplayable so I logged off, planing on playing more tonite, overall very fun game

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