Best Zombie Games 2015

What are the best zombie games 2015? Whether your looking for some upfront zombie killing fun or are more of a survival simulator person, we have you covered! Are you Hoping for that zombie survival game of your dreams which you may have just slipped under the radar? Well that is unlikely, but you may just uncover a few gems you didn’t know existed!

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esmittystud1011230d ago

This should have been titled "Best zombie games 2015 on PC".

Dying Light, COD BO3? I have Dying Light on PS4 and it would atleast make a top ten list for the year. Treyarch will knock zombies out of the park like they did with WAW,BO1, and BO2.

JumpToGamer1230d ago

Dying Light was a consideration, but in the end I decided against it simply because to me it felt more like a DLC for Dead Island than a standalone game and I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would have

SolidGear31230d ago

Dying Light came to my mind first!

rawrock1230d ago

Dying Light is best zombie game of 2015...

Zizi1230d ago

Dying Light is cool because it provides parkour, open world etc.