Mirror's Edge Catalyst announced, confirmed to not be a sequel

EA have officially announced Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the second game in the Mirror's Edge series.

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yewles11280d ago

This is either a prequel, remake or bizarre remaster...

Jedislayer1280d ago

agreed, or one hell of a reboot.

markoghc1280d ago

Rebooting a series that consists of only one game?

Aery1280d ago Show
Haru1280d ago

Catalyst would be a weird name for a reboot..

showtimefolks1280d ago

Really can't wait to see more and hopefully play soon

kneon1280d ago

Hopefully "interesting gameplay" doesn't mean more guns, we have enough of those in other games. I'd be fine if guns weren't even an option anywhere in the game.

Kidmyst1279d ago

I'd like the option to keep a weapon though and holster it. Not around being a shooter though but take down a guard and grab their gun and keep it just for a sticky situation with limited ammo.

bOObies1280d ago

Well whatever it is I can't wait. Loved the first one and we need more female leads like the Tomb Raider remake.

JWiLL5521280d ago

I'm sure your motivations there are entirely pure and in line with feminist ideals.

voodoochild3461280d ago

You don't have to be a feminist to want female leads. Also screw feminism.

LightningMokey1280d ago

@Voodoo, I think he was being sarcastic... Look at the name of the person he replied to...

PhoenixUp1280d ago

Free the ending of the first I was looking forward to a sequel of Fayth on the run from the law

boing11280d ago

This title makes it sound like a digital only game.

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The story is too old to be commented.