Sega is Using Eels to Promote ‘Alien: Isolation’ in Japan

BD writes: Sega is taking a page from every schoolyard bully’s handbook with their unique way of promoting the release of Alien: Isolation in Japan — yeah, they just got it — by having folks eat eels to win free copies of the game. “Free” has a radically different meaning here, as the mental trauma I might incur by eating a discount Chestburster would certainly exceed the game’s $60 price tag.

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MeteorPanda1316d ago

they're small like sardines, easy. I've had a few with herb and garlic sauce XD

Activemessiah1316d ago

Well... eels resemble tentacles so...

PygmelionHunter1316d ago

Aw h*** no!

I'm happy I paid for this game. It's a masterpiece IMHO. Its only problem is the way in which navigation works. Too much backtracking.

Still. Spare me the part about having an eel burst through my ribcage.

Deathnote1281316d ago

My game of the year 2014 :)