Gamernode E3 2008: Darksiders: Wrath of War hands-on

Gamernode writes: ""I remember one preview saying something like I said 'Darksiders is like Zelda with balls.' Man, I was afraid Miyamoto would have me killed over that one."

Vigil Games' Joe Madureira isn't your average videogame creative director. With a background in comics ranging from the X-Men to his own private creations, he's earned his stripes in the paneled arena. When it comes to games, Joe has few to his credit; he worked on most of the original art for NCSoft's Dungeon Runners. So what makes him and the rest of Vigil Games qualified to have a game some are comparing to Zelda? A lot of talent, and a lot of ideas generated from playing the games they love.

Some people consider it a bad thing to be compared to other games. "Oh, this is just like so-and-so." But would you consider it bad if I said Darksiders is just like Zelda-meets-Metroid-meets-God of War-meets-Shadow of the Colossus? I didn't think so."

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RememberThe3573740d ago

Like DMC kick ass or GoW kick ass, well maybe not GoW totally, but close enough for government work.

ThatCanadianGuy3739d ago

....Wow! sounds like AAA material to me.