Steam refunds: Does Valve win either way?

Polygon: On Tuesday Steam added a refund procedure that allows you to get a full refund on any Steam game you’ve purchased in the last 14 days, for any reason, as long as you’ve played the game for less than 2 hours.

On the surface this change brings Steam up to code in many European countries that require this by law. And it will certainly do right by players in every other country. But the sudden manner in which the refund program was announced and implemented has many developers asking: "Is this good for me?"

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dcbronco1230d ago

If they made it mandatory for every game to have a demo there would be less need for this. If they are allowed an hour or two of demo time the only reason for refunds would be a mechanically broken game released too early and for that the developer owes a refund. If they did this for all games we would have far fewer patches and the practice of pushing studios to release on a timeline would go away. We'd also get more open betas because the threat of half a million returned copies of Battlefield 4 would force EA to make sure online works reasonably well on launch.