Superfan Spends 50,000 on Elder Scrolls Video Game Basement Conversion

A superfan has spent over $50,000 converting his basement into the ultimate man cave modelled on a best-selling video game.

Despite wife Jill’s dreams of a swimming pool in the garden, Tyler Kirkham, 32, couldn’t be swayed from his vision based on The Elder Scrolls series of fantasy games.

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Neonridr1231d ago

The wife would just roll her eyes at me if I even approached her with the idea of doing something like this, lol.

-Foxtrot1231d ago

"The wife would just roll her eyes at me"

Make her wear Sunglasses and then tell her.

Neonridr1231d ago

lol, her death stare could cut through solid steel methinks.. ;)

Lore1231d ago


Cool story.

Next time you edit your thread just highlight the whole thing and hit the "cut" button. Then just shut off your phone for a while

ShinMaster1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Or find a wife with something in common (video games) and maybe you won't have to spend an outrageous $50,000 on a "man cave". It would just be called your living room. Then put some of that money onto an decent TV.

Apollosupreme1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Shin, finding a woman that much into Skyrim is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Most married guys have their fortresses of solitude. It's called being in a relationship for many years. We need our space at times and you'll understand once you've been with a woman for a long time(eight years and counting for me).

That said, the basement he made was a waste of money but then again he doesn't look like he's hurting for money so more power to him...

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alvgamin4lif1231d ago

*looks at the comment. Reads the name*
Oh the irony....

Skate-AK1231d ago

If I had 50k just sitting around for something like this, my Girlfriend better not say anything. Surely you would have spent much more than this as a family if the person could do something like this.

Apollosupreme1230d ago

Of course she shouldn't but what if she's your wife? It's a little different then. Happy wife, happy life.

joab7771231d ago

No kidding. Just the idea of spending time playing it is a real issue lol!

But something in that video hinted at the fact that they may have had the money to do it afterall. The wife may just get her pool at some point in the near future.

showtimefolks1230d ago

good for this guy, i guess if you have enough money and your wife is ok with it than go ahead

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pyroxxx1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

pretty cool flat,.. 50K? what for?? I really don't see it

frostypants1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Well, seeing as how a "normal" finished basement of that size would cost about $20K, that's not surprising at all. He's got a full kitchen plus a full bathroom plus all that wood and high end materials, furniture, and crazy custom stuff. $50K sounds about right, and that's before A/V stuff. Contractors are expensive...

Svinya1231d ago

It says there's a $20k system installed

rainslacker1231d ago

Been remodeling my basement with the standard home materials and halfway through it's cost about 10K. Spent about another $3500 on getting the entertainment center stuff set up the way I want. And I do the work myself, so that saves me a lot. 50K isn't really that much of a stretch given what I see here. Lots of custom woodwork which is really expensive if you can't do it yourself.

Concertoine1231d ago


Im so jealous. Here in houston there are no basements.

Svinya1231d ago

Try reading the article, perhaps?? Crazy idea, I know..

Entonations1231d ago

"$20,000 cinema system" All I see is a 32" flatscreen next to a couch.

frostypants1231d ago

Maybe the pic is outdated. I do see what look like built-in speakers in the pillars by the couch.

hkgamer1231d ago

maybe he spent a lot of money on audio equipment. video equipment is relatively cheap compared to audio.

Perjoss1231d ago

He was going to get a bigger screen, but then he took an arrow in the knee


Thunder_G0d_Bane1231d ago

Hey I say whatever makes a person happy as long as ta not detrimental to others.

MilkMan1231d ago

That's devotion! But lets be honest, this isn't the family room, its a MAN CAVE!

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