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I played somewhere near 14 hours of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, from the beginning, and I can hardly tell you anything about it because of a super long coverage embargo that includes broad agreement to not discuss story, plot, or cutscenes at all. It's some appropriately Cold War era [redacted]-ing. So no spoiler warning, I guess? It's a bit weird. The situation, not The Phantom Pain. The Phantom Pain is really, really weird.

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dreamed1317d ago

Game of the decade coming sept 1st!!!!!!

Magicite1317d ago

OMG 2015! Bloodborne, Witcher, Batman and MGS5!!!
Why you hurt peoples wallets so much, oh baddie, you!

WizzroSupreme1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Wow, 14 hours just for one preview? Man, this game must be freaking huge!

SilentNegotiator1317d ago

"Sneak King"? Aww man, I thought this was news about a Burger King game. lol

EazyC1317d ago

Do you have to preorder to get that nice day one version of it?

George Sears1317d ago

Can't find the collectors edition anywhere. I'm afraid I'm a bit too late. ;(

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