10 Things Fallout 4 Must Learn From The Witcher 3

Bethesda really needs to take stock of the competition if it wants to retain its RPG crown.

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EDKICK1319d ago

So an open world rpg coming out in 2015/16 should look better and play better than an open world rpg that came out in 2007 wow thanks

EDKICK1319d ago

My bad I was referring to fallout 3 don't know why I said 07 instead of 08 maybe because everywhere I look someone is saying it's been 7years 7 has been drilled into my mind lol

EDKICK1319d ago

Just making fun off all the "What improvements we want in Fallout 4" lists that have things like better graphics and improved animations since they're just natural improvements a game will have when it's released 7-8years after the last it's like saying in 10years I hope I'm older

gangsta_red1319d ago

All good...but aren't they comparing Fallout 4 to Witcher 3?

I think you got Fallout 3 mixed up too.

gamer91319d ago

Fallout 4 doesn’t need to learn anything from anyone. It’s frickin Fallout.

Orbilator1319d ago

Amen brother, fallout wrote the manual.

700p1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

exactly. Two different developers and two different type of game. ALSO people are forgetting that this developer also made FALLOUT3,OBLIVION AND FREAKING SKYRIM! lol

GhostTurtle1319d ago

I don't think the author has ever played a Fallout game...

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showtimefolks1319d ago

Just please don't have any glitches or bugs. I don't want to go through fallout 3 or new Vegas all over again. Or even skyrim

I hope bethesda learns from its own past games not from witcher 3.

KwietStorm1319d ago

Hopefully it's not as bad, but we know there's gonna be bugs.

Apocalypze1319d ago

You cant even compare the Witcher to Fallout. Two completly different games. I hope Fallout 4 does so well so that critics shove them words up their mouth, criticizing a game over its Graphics? Is this what this gen is all about?

Myst-Vearn1319d ago

Witcher 3 is a great game, no doubt, but I don't think Bethesda has to learn from anyone because they have been making amazing RPGs for a long time themselves.

Live_Larry1319d ago

Lol, don't need to learn from anyone?

EVERYONE has something to learn from the achievements and failures of others.

We'd still be rubbing sticks together and painting hunting scenes in caves if we didn't learn from others, regarless of who we are or what we achieved.

Myst-Vearn1319d ago

I didn't mean LITERALLY you dimwit. What I was saying is that Bethesda has been making open-world RPGs for such a long time that they don't need to look for inspiration. I'm not talking about the technological side of making games which I am sure all devs learn and improve upon each other's works.

Dan_scruggs1319d ago

The comparisons to Witcher 3 are ridiculous. Fallout is a world where you can interact with virtually any object you see. Where you can walk up to a table and pickup any object on it. Where every NPC can be killed thus effecting the story and side quests. It's a level of interactivity that Witcher 3 doesn't even attempt. All the Witcher seems to interact with are chests, plants and candles. The Witcher 3 is a great game and is certainly huge and pretty. But until I get a quest that allows me to optionally nuke a city (that I live in and keep all my stuff) off the face of the earth and walk through the rubble it's no Fallout.

Live_Larry1319d ago

1 - You can walk up to tables and pick up stuff in the Witcher (BIG DEAL, doesn't make any game good) - in fact, when you add witcher senses and candle interaction, the Northern Realms are more interactive than the Wasteland...

2 - Most quests in the Witcher will require you to make decisions that will affect who lives and who dies, sometimes on the scale of entire villages. Not to mention that most of these decisions aren't black and white - good or evil - but shades of black, where EVERY decision will end in death and horror.

3 - Actually play both games before mindlessly defending one.

Dan_scruggs1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I have played both games. And no I cannot go up to a table in the Witcher 3 and pick up a fork for the hell of it and spin it around and generally admire the work put into it. And no I can't walk into an Inn and kill someone I was supposed to turn a quest into for the hell of it. So try to remember the games you say you play.

It's called immersion Larry. Complete freedom of choice. It's kinda nice but to each his own.

EazyC1319d ago

Chill out, Larry! He wasn't having a go at the Witcher 3.

Live_Larry1319d ago

@ Dan_scruggs

Lol, spinning forks and ruining questlines by killing npcs... that does sound terrific. :)

@ EasyC

He actually is/was... Kinda... I guess I kind of did get carried away! That witcher... it just got to me! Love it so much it's making me want to argue about it on the internets

Bruno18861319d ago

The Sims will be a better game for you.You can pick up stuffs and have sex with them all you want.Fallout is a great series but TW3 nailed almost everything about open world games.Btw,side quests in TW3 are awesome.Hell,you can even say Fallout has better graphics than TW3...i don't care but not side quests.

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