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Hideo Kojima's name may not be on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's marketing, but it's all over the game. Every mission opens with a credits sequence overlaying its intro with Kojima's name popping up at least once once each time. Perhaps it's a jab at Konami, though maybe it's the sort of ego-stroking flourish his employers grew weary of. Regardless of your take on the corporate domestic dispute, the message is clear: with The Phantom Pain we're clearly back in Kojima town.

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ravinash1225d ago

"ego-stroking flourish his employers grew weary of".

Um... if I had to guess as to what happened, Kojima probably didn't agree with the direction that Konami was heading in.
Kojima wants in depth story while Konami think the best way to go is games for mobiles and casual stuff.
The two weren't really a fit any more.

theDECAY1225d ago

Yeah, but to have your name at the end of each mission sequence in an open world type game is a little over-board.

mgszelda11225d ago

It's credits for everyone involved in each "episode". Each tv episode of a series has credits