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GameOnDaily review Blizzard's new MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

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Septic1225d ago

I'm really tempted to try this even though I haven't played many MOBAs. If only this came out on consoles.

Volkama1225d ago

Wouldn't rule out a console version. It'd need quite a bit of re-working and re-balancing, but the things that make it good would carry over just fine.

You could try Smite on the XBox. I find it feels a bit floaty though, despite the more action-oriented perspective.

Septic1225d ago

Ah ye I do need to try Smite. One of my mates did say it was more S*ite than anything else but I'm hearing conflicting things.

BootHammer1225d ago

It has a very cool premise. I see it only has 7 maps, but more are supposedly coming as soon as this month, so that's a plus. I wonder how steep the learning curve is on this one?

Volkama1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

It is a lot easier to get into than most MOBAs. Just make sure your team has every lane covered where possible (particularly at the start), and listen out for announcements and pings on the map to see where you can help out.

There are tutorials, and you can practice against AI (that is currently more challenging you can expect to find in your first "quick match" efforts) to get familiar with it.

The community is generally pretty quiet in game, and it's pretty fun even on the losing team. Also it's free, so you can give it a go :)

BootHammer1225d ago

Nice, I'll give it a try for sure!

dragonopt11225d ago

Game is pretty easy if you're looking to get into a MOBA, I'd say it's even more casual friendly than League of Legends. I've been in the beta for a long time before it got released and the only things I don't like have to either grind forever to unlock all the heroes or pay for them. The heroes "should" all be free and you pay for new outfits etc. Still if you want a casual fun game this is it but I'd still rather play Dota 2.