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Volkama1230d ago

So the slightly refined controllers do include improvements to the bumpers. That seems to be the primary complaint people have against the One controller, so it'll probably please them. At least if they have need of another controller anyway.

4Sh0w1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Personally I haven't had any problems with my X1 controllers, I think its the best controller they've ever made but improvements are always welcomed too. Sweet deal.

vvvEdit, yeah Dewitt I already have a 4TB HDD hidden in the back of my X1, you can get them fairly cheap nowadays off Amazon. 1TB will fill up fast with so many games out, 4 should last me quite awhile though.

Dewitt1230d ago

Agreed 100% the controllers just feel absolutely perfect in your hands. This is great for new buyers with al the big titles dropping this year. The rest of us will have to get external HDDs for all these huge titles coming.

rigo85821230d ago

I love the XB1 controller. I didn't like the triggers and bumpers at first. But after about two weeks or so I was adjusted and hooked. I've gotten so used to the XB1 controller that the 360 controller feels sloppy to me now.

ifistbrowni1230d ago

I notice there is no Kinect...

AndrewLB1230d ago


Kinect was about as useless as Nintendo ROB. If you don't know... look it up. lol.

PONTIAC08G8GT1230d ago

I bought a 1TB HD on Amazon for like $50. Games seem to load a little quicker, but maybe that's just me thinking the HD helps lol. The matte finish is what I like because the glossy is kind of a pain to keep clean. You also have to think eventually the system itself will slim down.

XanderZane1230d ago

Like yourself, I too have an external 4TB HDD attached to my XB1. I won't be running out of memory for a long, long time. Even if I do, I can just attach another 4TB HDD to it for a whopping 8.5TB of memory. So the new controller can have it's firmware updated without plugging it into the XB1. That's cool. I'll have to get one of these new controllers. They need to include Halo MCC collection in the system from the E3 still the end of the year. Also do a Tomb Raider bundle as well.

WombBat1230d ago

Are we all just going to ignore the fact that we still need AA batteries for the controller... in 2015?

4Sh0w1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Or should we ignore the fact that an internal battery life can be really short as evident by many ps4 users reporting short battery life after ps4 launched and at some point you're gonna need to take it apart to replace the internal one with a better longer lasting Lithium-ion battery. I prefer using a $14 recharge kit which is very convenient to swap in and out with at least 1 fully charged controller always ready to go. I never even open the battery compartment for my X1 controllers, just rotate sitting my controllers on the charger, lol hell I don't even know anyone who actually uses regular batteries.

fr0sty1230d ago

My batteries do just fine.. and I didn't have to pay extra to be able to recharge them.

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Magicite1230d ago

and the war continues to rage on and the winners are consumers who buy console as late as possible.

raWfodog1230d ago

Yeah I still have yet to get an Xbox One so this is definitely good news to me. And if I wait longer eventually the 1TB will drop down to $350 which is more of my sweet spot for console purchases.

dreamed1230d ago

Couldnt agree more,i wish i waited.

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MastaMold1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

MS just needs more colors for their controllers, I just bought the white xbox one master chief bundle and I would buy a second controller especially this new controller if it comes in white to match my system

Sent from my Xperia Z2 Tablet

LatinGamer2141230d ago

So did i dude i got the X1 in white and the PS4. That new X1 controller looks sweet as hell.

3-4-51230d ago

Nobody I know has ever had a problem with the bumpers, and I own an XB1 and have played it with 10+ people.

All liked the controller.

Either way, improvements are a good thing.

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G20WLY1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

It is nice - and tempting too! Matte finish suits the console. But is it news, bearing in mind it was for sale on Amazon 3 days ago and made front page here on N4G?

GenuineGamer1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

All great improvements! I like the matt finish too, won't be so prone to scratches.

Also Wireless updates for the controller is great. Such a foreign thing for most to update a controller and i would bet most haven't done it or even know about it, so its good this can be done like any other normal update now.

LexHazard791230d ago

Its a neat feature. When i first learned about it,Im like wow they can update your controller now. Dear I say another first on consoles!

christocolus1230d ago

Yeah, wireless firmware updates for the controller sounds awesome. The improvements are welcome. Nice to see MS taking customer feedback seriously.

Software_Lover1230d ago

Wireless adapter this fall for PC!!

Thank You

Volkama1230d ago

Yeah that's the big thing for me too. I've already pre-ordered a Steam controller to try out, but the One controller is the "safe" option.

Moldiver1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Ill be buying an X1 controller for my PC when that wireless adaptor comes out. will be good to replace my aging X360 pad that I bought for my PC...that 'covert forces' is for my xbox though. Ill keep as a backup for when my 'midnight forces' controller starts to feel all used and abused ( at which point I will send it to SCUf for new custom buttons and triggers..refurb it so to speak).

And yay for wireless updating!

gamertk4211230d ago

Using this with an adapter to stream xbox one to Windows 10 tablet. Exciting!

madmonkey011230d ago

i use a normal blutooth adapter for my ds4

jrshankill1230d ago

In theory: Street Fighter V on PC, Windows 10 stream to Xbox One, using Xbox One controller + wireless adapter.

Volkama1229d ago

If Microsoft do enable Windows 10 streams to Xbox One (which is unlikely, but not impossible), why would you need a wireless adapter? The controller already works on the console :|

Street Fighter 5 on PC with wireless adapter makes sense, though the controller isn't exactly renowned as being great for fighters.

TedCruzsTaint1230d ago

Grabbing one, day one, for the PC. Have yet to upgrade from the 360/PS3 controllers I have been using.

Perfect reason to finally do so.

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no_more_heroes1230d ago

Might as well with all the leaks, eh? That date tells me everything I need to know about how it was supposed to be announced.