Most Anticipated Games for E3 2015

Earlier today GameSpot released their list of what they believe are the most anticipated games to have news and/or announcements at this year’s E3.

Of the 21 titles listed can you believe that Gears of War did not even show up?

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christocolus1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Lol. I love Rod Fergusons tweet and that treyarch dev. Lmao. I wonder why Gears 4 wasn't included on the list though? It's definitely one of the most anticipated titles coming to E3.

StrayaKNT1231d ago

If a gears game is announced then all eyes will be on it no matter what other games get announced.

guyman1231d ago

Jeez that is not true

1231d ago
gamertk4211231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Huh, seone with the name bloodborneman doesn't like an xbox console exclusive. Consider me shocked.

MyJamXbox1231d ago

" If a gears game is announced all eyes will be on it"

I'd prefer to be blind in that case then.

the_dark_one1231d ago

Well we all know gear 4 is coming anyways, but if the last guardian or rockstar The Agent got announced that would be a bigger story

Brotard1231d ago

thats funny because
rise of the tomb raider
assassins creed
tom clancy games
call of duty
mass effect
fallout 4
no mans sky
kingdom hearts
fina fantasy
street fighter
guitar hero
mario maker
star fox

and possibly last guardian beg to differ

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

This is natural. Microsoft milk their franchises far too long. Maybe if there wasn't already 4 people would be excited about it.


I didn't spell it wrong. I did what I could with the character limit available which mean't abbreviating Level and cutting an f of stuff.

@Lelo2play and Opiewinston.

Last time I checked this is an article about gears. Both of what you 2 said are off topic. This article is wondering why ge0ars wasn't on Gamespots list and I gave a reason for it. Simple

All you two can do is go on the attack.


It is off topic as this isn't gamespots article. It's an article wondering why gears isn't on the list. Again I gave a reason why.

Lon3wolf1231d ago

@RocketScienceLvlStuf D- for that attempt, oh and you spelt stuff wrong ;) :P

I'm sure Gears will do ok regardless of being on Gamepspots list or not.

lelo2play1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Next year the 5th Uncharted game will be released since 2007 (release of Uncharted 1)... beside the rumoured remasters soon to be released. Do you consider that milking?

No, I'm not off topic. Uncharted is on Gamespot's list so what I said is relevant. Same can be said about MGS, Halo, another Mario game (how many are there already?), Rock Band, Person, etc... those are all heavily milked franchises that are on their list... so your point or justification is wrong.

OpieWinston1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

This is you commenting factual statements?

Fact...Gears is a Billion dollar franchise
Fact...That list includes SFV(THE KING OF MILKED FRANCHISES)
Fact...Gamespot has proven time and time again their journalism is borderline first grader.

If Gears is milked then why even make sequels to games and establish franchises?

kreate1231d ago


isn't uncharted coming to a end though? if it ends, its not really milking it. since it was from like 2007, I mean its just a poor example.

I would use Mario or the sort as a milking franchise.

christocolus1231d ago


Lelo and Opie wouldn't respond to in that way if your comments weren't always about downplaying xbox. You started talking crap and downplaying MS and a beloved xbox franchise and they only responded to your BS comment.

Gotcha51231d ago

Damn you RocketScum... don't you go mess-n-wit my Gears high I pity you fool. Don't you know that Sony milk alot of their franchise like Killzone/GOW/Little Big Planet and Uncharted across all their devices(didn't forget the New GOW 3 and Uncharted remastered now that's milking at it's finest).

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Kingscorpion711231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Even though Gears is a good game, it's a stale franchise right now just like Halo. Gamer's are more interested in new IPs at the moment.

Lon3wolf1231d ago

Shame that so many remasters are coming out at the moment too I bought LoU remaster and MCC, I might go for the uncharteds (love that series).

Problem is new IP's are a gamble and you know how little some of these company's like to take the risk.

StrayaKNT1231d ago

Pre orders
Halo 5 - 200,000
Uncharted 4 - 50,000

When both didn't have release dates. If halo is a stale franchise then I guess that makes uncharted niche rubbish?? Just wondering

Kingscorpion711231d ago

Why are you comparing Halo and Uncharted? Where are you getting these numbers from? Xbox one install base is not even close to PS4. Last time I check they said multiplatform games was selling more on the PC than Xbox one. I'm not here to compare games I'm here to tell you a lot of these old franchises feel stale now included Uncharted but not the Last of Us that still feels new and fresh.

christocolus1231d ago

Lol. They are stale franchises yet every major Halo&Gears game in the series keep selling in millions,well above other franchises which are suppose to be “Fresh”. If they were stale they wouldn't have the fan base they've got. Stale? I think not.

Brotard1231d ago

@aussie gamer

halo has already had a playable beta and it is closer off than uncharted 4, as soon as people play the uncharted beta pre orders will grow significantly.

this is the difference between microsoft

and sony

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lelo2play1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

That list of GameSpot E3 anticipated games is quite sad. Probably half of those games I don't care one tinny bit.

christocolus1231d ago

I agree, but in the end it's their list and that's their opinion. It doesn't stop Gears 4, Tomb Raider, Scalebound etc from being some of the most anticipated titles coming to E3.

jannytime1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I'm pretty sure Gears 4 will be a no show this year, that game has only been in development for about a year. Gears of War Remastered will definitely be there though.

Also, I love how Gamespot mentions that Halo 5 as the only Xbox exclusive on their list.. Smh.
Gamespot confirmed as Sony fanboys.

dancerOfDeath1231d ago

I kind of agree. With GOW RM probably being shown, not sure we will see GOW4 in action. And even still, I want to see Coalition preform before I put faith in them. GOW is something I'm keeping an eye out for at the show, but not on my "WOOOOOOO!!!!!" list.

I've been a gears player since the day GOW1 hit X360, but Halo 5 is the crown jewel this year.

Hellsvacancy1231d ago

I hope we see the new Hitman game

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hello121231d ago ShowReplies(2)
Walker1231d ago

Opinions guys, opinions can be difference !

Blues Cowboy1231d ago

In fairness, Gamespot's list only includes officially announced games. This article kind of ignores that, even though I agree with the basic premise!

davemyrose921231d ago

I loved the trilogy, how was judgment BTW never got a chance to plat it, I agree however that the franchise was starting to go stale after the second, however the gears world is def one of the most interesting worlds I've seen in a game, Ill never forget the kryll at night in gears 1 ohh man great times

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