You May Not Have To Wait Too Long For Gran Turismo 7

The wait for Gran Turismo 7 on the PS4 may not be too long for fans. Polyphony Digital hinted the game might be coming out sooner rather than later.

SpazioGames had a chance to interview Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi. They managed to ask him on when we will able to see Gran Turismo 7.

Yamauchi said that “we do not have to wait so long” for Gran Turismo 7 to come out. Some people expected the game would be out in 2017.

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Majin-vegeta1231d ago

Hmmm either we get a reveal this year and releases next year or reveal next year and releases the same year.

Septic1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I expect an E3 trailer or teaser from Polyphony. The timing is right plus the statement from Yamauchi is a good indicator of that.

"physical impacts and simulation of damage"

THIS is what I want to see in a serious racer. I know there are issues of car manufacturers being resistant to damage being added to vehicles but other racers have successfully added damaged to named manufacturers before (GRID is one example) so hopefully they can get over that.

Ezz20131231d ago

E3 this year will be alot of fun

psplova1231d ago

2017 isn't close lol . Especially considering the PS4 debuted in 2013. Hell will freeze over when Gran Turismo game becomes a launch title for PlayStation.

freshslicepizza1231d ago

i'd like to see better sounds as well along with only premium car models with cockpit views included. i may be in the minority here but i think it is sheer laziness to include non-premium car models that are not ps4 level. hire more people if that's the problem.

KwietStorm1231d ago


Yea I would pay good money to *see* better sounds. That's real next gen tech right there.

Maddens Raiders1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )


yeah I've been playing GT since the PSOne days, but I too want to see all the standard cars go away. Hell I'd even be willing to buy a "complete standard to premium pack" for all the old standards to be made premium for $19.99.

I've been waiting for this "game" for so long now I can't believe it's finally getting chatted up a bit. I am looooving Project Cars at the moment, but even as great and nextgen as it TRULY is, there are still some things that 'ol Gran Turismo does better, especially as it pertains to the game's user interface and overall viewing and replay options.

Hopefully PD see the great things Slightly Mad has done (especially in the way of sound and deep classification choices) and incorporate them into GT. I have a feeling this could truly be one of the greatest GT's of all time, a la, GT3 and GT5!!! (I know GT4 was great too)

Crimzon1231d ago


Yeah, if there are still standard cars and tracks then the game will just be a mess. It was already jarring enough on PS3 to have such a huge difference in quality between PS2 & PS3 content. If they launch GT7 on PS4 and it's a mish-mash of PS2/PS3/PS4 content then I won't be touching it.

I think many people feel the same way that we do as well. GT6 sold very poorly, which was no doubt the result of how much damage GT5 did to the brand. People were obviously wary of the franchise after GT5 and simply passed on the latest entry because of all the problems still prevailing in the game. I can see many of those people passing on GT7 as well if Polyphony Digital have failed to learn any lessons.

People want a Gran Turismo game for PS4, not some sloppily thrown together jumble of content from past entries spanning multiple console generations. No standard cars or tracks, if the content isn't up to quality standards then drop it or hire more people to improve it.

Elit3Nick1231d ago

@Septic I don't think there are many that are opposed to vehicle damage considering that all of Forza's cars have mechanical damage.

Orbilator1231d ago

Well if you want to see that stuff then you'll have to accept that crashing and collisions = end of race 99% of the time or a serious time penalty getting it fixed.

GRID is a joke no car would keep going, you just cant have it both ways. No racing driver is aiming for a collision.

lvl_headed_gmr1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Forza has been doing this since the franchise launched.

Nice to see Sony is FINALLY catching up to what core elements should be in a racer and not useless features like oil changes.

Also Sony NEEDS less clone cars and more manufacturers for a wider range of vehicles to choose from. Sony also needs to ensure ALL cars are premium cars with working interior views for all.

This is important.

Oh, and anything less than 1080p/60fpsfor a circuit racer is an automatic FAIL.

Septic1231d ago


Forza hasn't exactly been doing it properly has it? Yeah it did it better than GT but it was still rubbish , with minor crumpled looks and maybe a few bits like side mirrors coming off

GameSpawn1231d ago


Yamauchi is more the one being resistant to car damage in GT than the manufacturers. He is a car nut that appreciates cars in a way that few people do (almost to a point of clinical obsession). Yamauchi was always horrified by seeing "beautiful cars" get scratched and dinged up. They [Polyphony] are only recently giving into adding car damage due to the overwhelming requests to add it. Since never having it in many of the previous GTs, they are going to have to build the damage system up from scratch to catch up with other games.

Crimzon1231d ago

GT5 had really impressive damage modeling before the game launched. Cars could get completely and utterly mangled but for some reason they scaled the damage back significantly just before launch. It's frustrating because I saw the gameplay videos and screenshots of cars taking some serious damage in the demos in places like BestBuy and Walmart etc. that people shared, and I was really disappointed when I bought the game and all that impressive damage had been replaced with pathetic little dents.

kizzle321231d ago

I think that the "I know there are issues of car manufacturers being resistant to damage being added to vehicles but other racers have successfully added damaged to named manufacturers" was debunked by some dev a few years back saying that is not the case

ShinMaster1231d ago

Cosmetic damage are mostly important to the fanboys to showcase and compare graphics/effects.

Physics are a bit more important IMO.

For a while, Forza, for example, had been using textures to show damage. Its body deformation wasn't that much better than GT's, but it made use of tons of scratch textures to make it look like the damage was more severe.

Gaming1011230d ago

I think when he says "Gran Turismo 7", he may mean we get a Prologue version beforehand to fund the final game given it's on a new console and they have to redo everything.

Or at least, they BETTER redo everything... the archaic textures from the days of PS2 better not make a return only to take up space on my hard drive.

comebackkid98911230d ago

The only racer worth it's salt.

Dee_911230d ago

Yea PD aren't believers in releasing last gen games with slightly prettied graphics as a current gen game.They would rather take advantage of the platform, instead trying to cash in on hype..

rainslacker1230d ago

I see a lot of people complain about the car count. What I don't get is why people feel they have to play and collect every car.

I mean, PD could have offered less cars so you could get them all or race them all, but was it really necessary?

To me, all those cars just give more people more choices in how they play the game. Don't like overpowering your car so you can blow through the track? Fine, just race a car that isn't that. Want to take the fun out of it and overpower the grind of getting through the many races? Fine, get a multi-class car and beef up the specs.

Want a interior view? Fine get a car that has it. Most cars have at least one premium car within the many different choices. Don't care about interior? Fine, you can choose any car you want.

No one was ever forced to play the way they complain about, and when I see people say they want to play a certain way, that option is typically available.

The sounds could definately use some work. Damage I would like, but given the way the game plays, damage would probably end most races pretty quickly. I remember some dev(may have even been PD) that said that realistic damage actually makes the game less fun because even slight damage to a car will end a race. Scuffs and scrapes are fine, but how many people can go a race without having at least one major impact. Heck there are times when I use the ability to drive head on into a car in a sharp corner in order to get around the turn in the easiest way possible.

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WeAreLegion1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Maybe they'll release it this year and reveal it next year.

Magicite1231d ago

Hopefully this will be definitive racing sim this gen (until next GT) and will sell ~10m just like GT 1-5.


With Forza 6 Coming out in Sep, I think most likely Sony will wait until the game is ready and not try and rush it to compete.

But then again, I would not doubt that there will be a Forza Horizon 3 next year as well. Which would be better as that way, those two are much different than Motorsport vs GT would be so variety is less of a competition

1230d ago
MrSec841231d ago

It's none of the above you suggested, it'll be unveiled at E3 this year and release this Holiday.
Releasing this year gives PD more time to work on GT8 for the 20th anniversary and it's clear they like doing special stuff for those anniversary moments.

Sony has some big surprise games releasing this Holiday and GT7 is going to be one of them.

MrSec841231d ago

@Svinya: Yes!

Kaz said it's coming much sooner than 2017, he could have said it's not coming this year, but he didn't.
I'm right, sorry kid, it's going to be the king of racers this gen (until GT8 releases in 2018).

GT7 is one of Sony's surprise 2015 releases for PS4.

MysticStrummer1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

"I'm right, sorry kid, it's going to be the king of racers this gen (until GT8 releases in 2018)"

That depends on what kind of racer you like to play. If the current gen got a Burnout: Takedown that was as good as the one from two generations ago, that would be my king of racers. I haven't played a racer since then that I had as much fun with.

showtimefolks1231d ago

GT 7 in fall 2015. I don't know why but I just have this guy feeling it will be out soon

DeadlyOreo1230d ago

Ah don't get me started on guy feelings.

XanderZane1231d ago

I agree. I'll be surprised if it releases this year, but we should at least be able to see some actually gameplay at the E3. That would be nice. Hopefully they get everything right this time around. E3 is shaping up to be one helluva show.

Gotcha51230d ago

Hmmm...I subjust a CG teaser trailer this E3, a In Game teaser trailer at E3"16, a Release Date teaser trailer at E3"17 you know the slogan Greatness Awaits.

Retroman1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Question : why is it soooooooooo important to have "Damage" in simulation racing. if developers made it to real say for example ( after damaging ) engine dead. how many time would you get tired restarting game before you bash the game and bitch about it on youtube and calling it crapfest. simple fact damage control over baering , engine dead as in real world accident . people ask for to much when we get it we bitch and whine tooooooo much .
i rather play NOOOO! damage racer .

fr0sty1230d ago

well, i'd like to believe this, but we know polyphony isn't shy about delaying a game.

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Walker1231d ago

Oh really ??? :-| i expect it to be a 2020 title

waltyftm1231d ago

I cant wait to see how GT7 will look, Driveclub has set the bar very high in terms of graphical beauty, GT7 may just melt my eyes.

EvilWay1231d ago

GT7 won't look as good as DriveClub because it actually has substance

G20WLY1231d ago

How do you know GT7 will have substance? You don't even seem to know anything about Driveclub and that's out already.

How does your crystal ball even get a signal way down there under your bridge?! ;^P

GenuineGamer1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I too am looking forward to seeing how it will look. Its easy to imagine though, It has been said gt7 will be using the same engine as gt6, also the premium cars have been touted as ready for next gen so those will be relatively the same. Which is impeccably detailed i might add.

Picture the same kind of graphics, but with better textures, resolution and lighting effects, and you probably have gt7.

along with many other various improvements of course ;)

Also more than anything, i am looking forward to how it will sound!!! Given that they have hired new people including someone that used to work at Turn 10 i am sure the cars will finally sound realistic :D

Svinya1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Driveclub runs at 30fps. Gran Turismo will be at 60fps and will run much heavier physics processing than the arcade DC. Graphics might not even be AS good as Driveclub..

yezz1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Even as a huge Playstaton fan, I'm going to admit that people are extremely optimistic if they think that GT7 will look as good or better than Driveclub, when they're always aiming for locked 60fps. No doubt that it'll look good though..

itisallaboutps1230d ago

If the cars still sound dull. I am skipping this one. I voted with my money on Gt6 ill do it again. The symphony of a car is what gives a car their soul.

BitbyDeath1230d ago

I don't think GT7 will take Driveclubs graphics crown. Prove me wrong PD.

Azzanation1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

GT7 wont look as good as DC because GT needs to be 60 frames not 30. It takes twice the resources to run a game at 60 so im sorry to disappoint you.

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Dario_DC1231d ago

Maybe a GT6 Prologue this year? If well priced that would be sweet...

Phoenix761231d ago

Wouldn't that actually be called GT6 epilogue?? ;-)

Dario_DC1231d ago

Meant GT7 lol can't edit anymore -.-