Gamers A Key Target in 165% Increase in Ransomware

Grab It is reporting that the latest Intel Security report reveals that gamers are the new target of cybercriminals.

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SlappingOysters1231d ago

I was about to say that I have never had any problems, but maybe I just didn't pick up on how good the phishing email was?

shipnabottle1231d ago

It's scary to think many of us can't say for sure if there is stuff buried in the bowels of computers somewhere.


Macka10801231d ago

Preying on the trust and good nature of less security-conscious individuals is a heinous pastime. I always wonder what goes through the heads of those people when they commit these crimes. How do they justify it to themselves?

Gh05t1231d ago

Money Money Money... Money.

Its a sick twisted world out there.

CoyoteHunter1231d ago

Wow, I wonder what sort of critical files they take? Are they talking about critical files relating to the game they are playing? Or other files on their system like financial stuff? In any case, that's a pretty scary statistic.

Dark_king1231d ago

A year are so back A buddy had some ransomware on a pc he wanted me to fix.Everything buy a few key system files and the IE browser and notepad where all that were left functional.It even encrypted his partitioned drive so you couldn't just reinstall windows from it.

Gh05t1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I work in an IT department where we have been hit by ransomware more times than i would like to admit. (Special note back up your files)

It usually encrypts all document type files... word pdf excel pictures and music and movies.... anything that its programmed for really but mostly things that if you lost it you couldnt work anymore. Things that are semi irriplaceable like the pictures of your grand kids, or your trip to Africa, a report or financial assets sheet.

Basically if you do a backup every night of changed files this stuff affects you minimally. If you have never backed anything up just pretend its like someone stole the hard drive out of your pc. Thats how affected it can get.

CoyoteHunter1230d ago

Thanks mate, that was helpful. Bubble up! Ditto to you dark king.

kingdip901231d ago

Going after a community of tech savvy people some of whom are hackers.... not so smart are they?

ravinash1231d ago

Also a lot of kids and less techie people, so I'm sure it's more than worth it.

Gh05t1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Really? Hackers... please tell me how you plan on hunting these people down as a hacker without the federal government help in infiltrating private businesses lines of communication? Its not like the file was directly downloaded from the phishers home computer. Usually even the email thats spammed is a server that was hacked. We had a virtual server get hacked and the spammers where trying to send 100k emails a minute out of our server. Luckily it was an outside the dmz web server so no harm done on our end once we took it down and made another virtual server to replace it.

I think you over estimate a hackers ability to acquire a target that does not want to be found. The FBI and NSA take months to find these servers and they have way more resources than a video game playing skript kiddie.

kingdip901230d ago

I have no idea, I have no coding skills at all whatsoever and you might be right, but if anyone is going to chase these thieves without having to bother with red tape it's the gamers that do.