Some Plonker is Selling an Ultra Rare Custom Final Fantasy Type-0 Xbox One for £1,560

Wow, some folks just don't know true value when it's sat in front of them. Someone is actually flogging their extremely rare Final Fantasy Type-0 Xbox One console on public auction site eBay. To be fair, there are only 2 of these in existence.

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mattdillahunty1280d ago

plonker lol. as an American, i had to look that one up.

chrish19901280d ago

Well, you've learned a great new not-so-rude insult :D it's generally accepted everywhere, so use it well!

pompombrum1280d ago

Yup, plonker is about the nicest way to call someone an idiot you can get. I genuinely feel sorry for those who learn English English, there is already so many different ways of saying everything without all our own slang added on too.