MotionPlus totally ambushes third-party developers

We mucky commoners have known about the Wii MotionPlus add-on for just over a week now, but don't go thinking it's any different for third-party developers.

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ChickeyCantor3742d ago

developers have about 8~9 months before it gets released. seriously if they cant manage to migrate it in their projects they must be doing something wrong. in 9 months developers can do lots of stuff. so we atleast expect some decent stuff making use of M+ around spring time

Zerodin3742d ago

It's like pushing someone out of the way of a bus that isn't even going to be there for ten minutes.

mistertwoturbo3742d ago

Why do that when they can just focus on developing other games that makes money sooner, than implement an accessory that Nintendo should have game out with since the Wii's inception.

And you know there's something wrong when they come out with something like Wii Music.

ChickeyCantor3741d ago

" than implement an accessory that Nintendo should have game out with since the Wii's inception.


They should have but if you do some research you can see it was not possible with the current design and it would have been EXPENSIVE.

N4g_null3741d ago

The ailive guys are behind the SDK and they are claiming you can mapped animations to the players movements which is going to be sweet! This attachment is going to take the guess work out of getting motion controls right also. I would be even better if Ailvie made that motion controller online sword fighting demo into a real game also. Seriously this is the new FX chip. I don't blame nintendo keep it a secret because had SONY and MS known about this they might have tried to do the same. Then MS would not have bought FF13 and Sony would have had a demo of kratos motion controlled.

The fastest impact you can make is to make some Wiiware games for it also. I'm not sure how many are using Ailive controller tech though most guys are in house.

The conduit guys are going to have Wiispeak in their game and since they are really cool guys I'm sure Motion+ is on the cards and would rock so much! Wouldn't it be cool if nintendo was actually helping the conduit guys? If that game does have motion+ support I wouldn't be surprised.

Hell imagine res evil with motion plus! This attachment is going to be big.

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jon12343742d ago

i like that picture? is it real?? or photoshoped??

Lord Anubis3742d ago

it's hilarious. The expression of the dog is hilarious.

jtucker783742d ago

Since the dawn of the Wii and Nintendo's ground breaking Wii-mote Gamers have been desperate for that one amazing experience:
To wield the remote like a lightsaber from Star Wars.

So what we all want to know is: Will Force Unleashed use the Motion Plus for true 1:1 motion lightsaber battles or will it continue to use the gimped swipe and translation motions that it has already shown in previews?

vlazed3742d ago

This should have been in the controller day one. Now it will either make the old controller obsolete or 3rd party developers won't utilize it. Either way gamers get shafted.

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