Top 5 Zelda Games

The Legend of Zelda is a storied franchise with tons of classic entries, but how can you whittle it down to a Top 5? RetroGamingTube85 takes a stab at it in this Top 5 Zelda Games video.

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G3n3raL861280d ago

1. A
2. Link
3. to
4. the
5. Past


1280d ago
silkrevolver1280d ago

You could have just said the 3D Zelda's, honestly.

Rebel_Scum1280d ago

1. Link to the past
2. Link Between Worlds
3. Majoras Mask
4. Ocarina of Time
5. Links Awakening

Doodleburger1279d ago

2-Link's Awakening

Gonna be the odd man out and say WW sucks. Way too easy, puzzles sucked, and you had to traverse the world in a boat. 95% of the game world was covered in water. The 3DS one suffers from a sense of "we couldn't create another linear game, do whatever you want" which actually makes it terrible.