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DarkOcelet1319d ago

This looks like Castlevania SOTN. Awesome!

I love the art style.

Geobros1319d ago

IGA doesn't like controllers? Keyboard is my last choice for playing games like this one.

DarkOcelet1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

My guess its because its still in production, they have yet to make the controllers compatible with it.

And maybe they want to put extra attention to the PC version which is fine by me.

And btw, you would be surprised with how well games like those work with keyboard.

RE4 was an example, i thought the controls seriously sucked at first but later on, i got the best Mercenaries scores than on PS2 and i was a badass at that and did a no damage clear run with no sweat.

NovusTerminus1319d ago

In development process, early builds don't have proper, or any controller support, and as early in development as this game is, it likely has no controller support.

DonkeyDoner1319d ago

Mighty No. 9 says hello, platformer better with controller and yeah I know this is early build

isarai1319d ago

Kinda bummed it's using 3d models as opposed to 2D animated sprites. I dunno but to me using 3d character models almost always ends up with far less secondary motion and nuance overall making it a bit lacking visualy

seppo911319d ago

They're going to use a lot of different shaders to make it look as 2D as possible, the named guilty gear xrd as an influence. So it might look great.

Ratty1319d ago

I partly agree wih you on that. As a matter of fact, I'm working on a similar game at the moment in which I opted for 2D graphics over 3D though mostly because of cost. I think 3D has interesting advantages over 2D in the long run and, like seppo mentionned, you can also use shaders to make it look a little like classic sprites. I think 3D has more potential in the long run. It's also much easier to work with in cases where you want to make an HD upgrade, modify graphics or animations.

aquaticDonut1319d ago

Hey, I just watched the game grumps symphony of the night play through where they promoted this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1319d ago

It's pretty polished for such an early glimpse: I can't wait to see the full game!^_^

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