Have You Completely Abandoned The Previous Generation?

If you've purchased one of the new consoles, are the older machines collecting dust? Or are you hanging onto the last-gen machines to play catch-up?

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Sonyslave31317d ago

Hell no my ps3 is my main game system

MrSwankSinatra1317d ago

Same here. PS3 is still a beast of a machine, I've been playing through the Batman Arkham games for the first time.

raWfodog1316d ago

I'm still playing my PS3 as well. Recently picked up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix and will be picking up KH 2.5 Final Mix after we finished that. My kids and I love those games. My oldest son expressed interest in the Metal Gear series cause he saw me playing Ground Zeroes on PS4 the other day so I'll probably pick up the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection so he can catch up before Phantom Pain drops. My youngest son is always playing Sonic Generations and Black Ops zombies every time I look up. PS3 definitely still getting major playtime in my household.

XisThatKid1316d ago

Nope just started Resistance Fall of Man yesterday. LOL it's so dated but good. Looking forward to playin the other two as well.
Next up is Dead Space 2 and 3
PLay Uncharted 3 MP on at least a weekly basis
looking into Syndicate with the Mrs.
I have to constantly remind myself how hilarious Sonic 06 is like every month or two (I'm never ganna end this game)
Still play Starhawk and Twisted Metal on a regular as well
No video chat in PS4 so....yea

Thunder_G0d_Bane1316d ago

Nope both my 360/PS3 unplugged and left to collect dust.

But to be fair my ps4 and X1 currently collecting dust as I play Witcher 3 on my PC. But I seriously can't wait for Halo 5 so soon one of the new consoles is gonna come alive like none other lool

Ezz20131316d ago

I game on both Pc an Ps3 most of the time and very very soon ps4 will join them

but will never leave ps3 behind ...amazing games that i can't miss

dancerOfDeath1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

*This belongs elsewhere!*

Halo2ODST21316d ago

You're damn right, I'm always on my 360 (don't have a ps3 no offense) playing the ultimate Halo multiplayer, Halo Reach, Red Alert 3, Civ Rev, Halo Wars, Mercenaries Playground of Destruction, BF: Bad Company, Thief 3: Deadly Shadows, Naruto ultimate ninja storm revelations. This generation is lacking in game diversity, stealth & RTS.

RosweeSon1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Same here got my ps4 building up its library of free games but not getting a look in with my ps3's backlog ;) some truly great games there. Just finished Ico in under 2 hours... Phew! My 360 is still boxed up if I get really desperate but once I finish up with PS3 in next week or 2 it's Wii U and PS4 all the way ;)
Zone of the Enders collection, metal gear 3 and shadow of the collosus should see my PS3 out with a bang ;)

rainslacker1316d ago

Same here. Too many games have been coming out for it that I want to play, and they're unlikely to make it to the PS4. JRPG fan here.

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KiwiViper851317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Yep. Packed my 360 away the day my new console arrived. Always say to myself ill get it out one day, but I never have.

Ive got a weeks holiday soon, so might get it out, play guitar hero one more time, then take a photo and sell it.

green1316d ago

Same here. Day Xbox One arrive, i packed up my 360 and gave it to the son of a very good friend of mine.

dancerOfDeath1316d ago

My x360 only gets action when I want to play Full House Poker, or my girlfriend needs a DVD/Netflix player. Otherwise, X1 has all the games that I play.

Once they port over Full House Poker to X1 (god willing), my X360 will officially retire to the cottage. hopefully E3 is the clincher.

Still love the thing. Hopefully it lasts a long time.

KiwiViper851316d ago

I'm wondering why we don't have Poker on X1 too...

WitWolfy1317d ago

Not really, just havent turned my PS3 on since I got BloodBorne and Witcher 3. I LOVE MY PS3!

SaveFerris1316d ago

I still have a large backlog of games to get through on my PS3.

KentBlake1316d ago

No, I still play my PS3 a lot, a little of my 360. There's still a big backlog waiting for me on these old machines.

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