JP Kellams tweets about the recent news of the unannounced Platinum game

His tweet suggests the surprise might make you "cry"

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DarkOcelet1231d ago

They said 'Cry'

So it is most like Devil May Cry V or God Hand 2 if we are lucky.

styferion1231d ago

I'm hoping for Vanquish 2

SmielmaN1231d ago

Styferion: Vanquish was a fun, crazy shooter that almost no one recognizes! Good call! I would def be on board for V2

Forbidden_Darkness1231d ago

Unfortunately he already claims its not God Hand:

breakpad1231d ago

Vanquish 2 or Devil May Cry with Capcom ...

Eterna1Ice1231d ago

Might=May Cry. Devil May Cry.

_-EDMIX-_1231d ago

I mean....we'll know its true when the next tweet states

("May" make you do "Devilish" things)

...turns out its a Onimusha reboot at Capcom lol

Why o why1231d ago

Vanquish x y or z.......feed me

die_fiend1231d ago

How is it going to be Devil May Cry? You guys realise that Capcom own this IP? And the last people Platinum Games are going to team up with is Capcom, since they slammed the door on these guys!

I'm just hoping it's finally on a decent console, because at the moment, they have Bayonetta on Wii U and Scalebound on Xbone. And as everyone knows, these consoles are dead in the water with less sales combined than PS4.

bouzebbal1231d ago

i hope for a Vanquish 2 more than anything else, but reading this tweet it will probably be DMC5 by Platinum since Ninja Theory are working on Hellblade.
Color me excited!

TRU3_GAM3R1231d ago

"So this is happening. It will surprise you. Might even make you cry:

devils never cry! bring it on DMC 5

ginsunuva1230d ago

It's obviously Far Cry 5

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just_looken1231d ago

The unannounced game is metal gear solid rising 2 how do i know this? 3 things

1. In the last tapai game show it was teased:

These developers made the last one

Oh and konami said they are still making metal gear games:


Platinum games are the new metal gear developers now as a mgs fan i wont touch there crap mgs rising was a huge stain on the franchise.

Dont forget platinum games destroyed most of kojima's work on mgs rising when he passed the tourch to them.

Platinum games and konami will get along great they both hate kojima and are snifing there own ass.

GamersHeaven1231d ago

DMC 5 exclusive to the PS4 .

Rimeskeem1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I'm guessing DMC but not sure about exclusive anymore

_-EDMIX-_1231d ago

if you consider Capcom currently has deals with MS, Sony and Nintendo...its not out of the realm of feasibility.

They did for Dead Rising, the did it for Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney for some time, they are currently doing it with Sony with Deep Down, SFIV on PS4 and Vita and Revelations 2 on PS Vita along with SFV.

I would say for fans....its not really a great thing as its starting to show that this publisher can't make it publishing and funding on their own for most projects that require many systems.

They want to be EA of Japan, yet don't want to spend EA money, they need Nintendo, MS, Sony etc to flip the bill in terms of publishing, marketing, distribution, funding etc. about they make better choices when seeking teams to outsource, better yet, how about they don't outsource to begin with. If they didn't go out making so many bad calls last gen, they might have had some money to not need to really on so much outside help.

At this point...its more likely one of the 3 will flip the bill for DMC5 then not and even if it is exclusive to one of the 3, does it even matter consider who's left at Capcom? Do we even want a DMC by them if its not by the Platinum team? At this point, that will be the only thing that will get me getting a DMC game.

The irony of it too, to have to outsource their game to a company that once created the best of that series. Its likely many of them would have stayed if Capcom ok'ed many new IPs and creative changes as I don't think they are better off without them, those are what we in gaming are now calling "the Capcom dark ages"

Forbidden_Darkness1231d ago

That wouldn't make sense considering they released DMC remaster for both PS4 and XOne already, and are releasing DMC4 for PS4 and XOne this month. If they hadn't done that, it'd be a little more believable.

SoapShoes1231d ago

Sure it would, if Sony helped fund it. It's not likely but it isn't improbable.

The 10th Rider1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

To me, that mostly implies Devil May Cry V

But he was also a staunch defender of Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive, so the comment on making people 'cry' could be directed towards the people that complained about that. I wouldn't typically think that, but the fact that Platinum games retweeted Nintendo's E3 Direct and the timing of the gameplay reveal compared to Nintendo's conference does lend an inkling of possibility to it.

The 10th Rider1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

To clarify, it was the Bayonetta 2 director that retweeted Nintendo's E3 digital event info.

EDIT: There's also this:

Concertoine1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

To me it all points to them assisting with the development of the new star fox.

-they love classic space shooters
-have expressed interest in Star Fox
-Nintendo said they were looking for a developer to help them get it out on time
-have worked with nintendo twice now
-people have been clamoring for Platinum to make it, so it'll make them cry tears of joy :D

The 10th Rider1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Well, considering the other things he's tweeted since then (the article really should be updated,) I doubt it's Devil May Cry. Especially considering Capcom already revealed their lineup.

Considering Wonderful 101 came out in fall of 2013 and Bayonetta 2 AND Legend of Korra in Fall of 2014, with Scalebound starting development after Wonderful 101 came out, I don't imagine it's been in the works for very long. Less than a year if they started around the end of Bayonetta 2 and Legend of Korra.

That leads me to believe a handheld game or Star Fox, as you mentioned, seem the most likely. The only other thing that seems possible is a sequel that reuses a lot of assets.

mikel10151231d ago

He also said that all of his tweets have no hints in them

ZaWarudo1231d ago

That's it. I'm going on a internet blackout until E3.

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