UGO: NASCAR 09 Review

UGO writes: "Like religious zealots who memorize, recite, and employ spiritual passages to argue their beliefs, NASCAR fans maintain a diatribe, coiled and ready to spring against the slightest slander. Often pigeon-holed by the majority, yet boastful of its complex jargon, NASCAR waited patiently for its time in the sun. After enduring a patience test that would crack American soccer fans, that time has finally arrived to much jubilation (and hollering, and crowing, and moonshine).

But as history continues to teach us, the promotion and spread of religion creates in-fighting, division, and, worst of all, profiteering. We've already seen backs turn to former universally loved NASCAR heroes--notably, the nastiness spit upon Jeff Gordon, former wonder child, now NASCAR cover boy. As for the profiteering, EA arrived in 2002, like the giant in the sky, to pluck this golden hen for all it's worth. Obtaining sole rights to the NASCAR license, and thus preventing the sim-racer favorite, Papyrus Design Group, from creating a follow-up to their NASCAR Racing series, EA has steered into the wall every consecutive year; well, every year until this year."

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