Joe Montana Football 16 Being Revealed at E3

Over 24 years since its initial release, Joe Montana Football is back and will be revealed officially at this year's E3. 1080Players will be there speaking with those involved live on the show floor

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SpaceRanger1254d ago

Well there goes another E3 surprise...

I'll admit, while others don't care for how a game looks (only when they're able to play it), those screenshots look amazing!

3-4-51254d ago

Maybe they will let us create our own stadium and such.

No license also means no restrictions from the NFL and more freedom to actually include fun stuff to do.

sinjonezp1254d ago

Read an extensive article stating that Joe Montana football can have the NFL license if it is published by first party studios. Word was it will be published by Microsoft and be for that system. While I hope this is TRUE, its more than likely not.

RiseofScorpio1254d ago

Nah its true. MS knows its a waste of time to release an unlicensed game they are best buds with the NFl they know they need the licence to sell copies and consoles.

AutoCad1253d ago

Joe Montana was spotted at the Microsoft campus not so long its a possibility

Crazay1253d ago

Except the last time there was a serious football game that was unlicensed... yea that was a real winner. All Pro Football 2K8 was a flaming dog turd.

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freshslicepizza1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

not really a surprise, these rumors have been floating around for awhile now claiming microsoft is partnered with it. makes a little sense i guess since sony has mlb

microsoft used to have nhl rivals and nfl fever at one time.

Gamble201253d ago

We have tried this already so many times. People do not want football games that are without the NFL license. It sucks. I hate it. I wish they stood a chance. But you can't pretend the Orlando Flippers are equal to the Miami Dolphins or whatever other made up team they come up with. It totally destroys the fun of imaging yourself truly in control of your favorite team.

rainslacker1253d ago

As right as you are, I'd actually prefer a solid football game with good mechanics. Imagining yourself as a team is fun and all, but not if it's frustrating because the game play itself is lacking.

XanderZane1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

There had been rumors for awhile and we still don't know much about the game, except it looks nice and Joe Montana will be in it. lol!! What systems will it be for? With all the NLF teams be included? Will it be released this year. Who's publishing it? Lot of unanswered questions that we won't get answered until the E3.

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1254d ago
MrSwankSinatra1254d ago

This game is being set up to fail if it doesn't use actual NFL teams.

iSuperSaiyanGod1254d ago

Definitely . If it's not a actual NFL or like some super cool gimmick type of game , that makes it stand out , it'll have no chance

rdgneoz31254d ago

Yah, it's hard to sell well when you don't have the real NFL teams and players. The BackBreaker series tried it, and never really did too well.

No Way1253d ago

Backbreaker was a helluva football game though. It was fun.
Never really had so much fun playing a football game, besides blitz.

rainslacker1253d ago

I'd welcome the return of a HD Tecmo Bowl.

Forbidden_Darkness1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Regardless, lets hope this game turns out to be great and challenges Madden head on. There NEEDS to be competition in order to wake EA up and make them realize they can't get away with doing minimal changes to their sports games.

Xman2K1254d ago

Let them sleep, never liked their games even when there was competition. We need a game to DESTROY them and their brainwashed following, like the NBA 2K did in 2K11

MrSwankSinatra1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Dude as long as EA still solely owns the NFL licensing rights, any competition is irrelevant.

SmielmaN1254d ago

Give me Monster League Football!

dkp231254d ago

eA exclusive agreement is 3rd party, since MS is a sponsor of the nfl and the rumor is would be publishing this game, they would be a 1st party publisher and would have access to the NFL license. Rumor is, this will be an NFL licensed game and pc/xbox cross platform.

All rumors until next monday, i hope they are true, too good to be true to me though, but it doesnt hurt to have some hope.

Xman2K1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

There has been no official word that a first party studio can do it. At first it was exclusive, but details recently have been mum. Reason to believe there may be nfl is because with the first preview of the game in early development as a mobile game, they had secured nflpa and said they didn't have nfl license BUT in the pics of joe they had clearly displayed him in his 49ers uni along with 49ers logo, so they fibbed about that

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ScorpiusX1254d ago

Blitz didn't have use of all actual players and it was successful . See no reason why this can't be a successes.

MrSwankSinatra1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Dude if blitz was sooo successful then where is it now? The last game in the blitz series was blitz the league II and that game was a commercial flop. That game flopping along with backbreaker, all-pro football 2k proved that if you don't have actual NFL teams then you don't succeed. It's the main reason these series don't even exist anymore.

Put this into perspective, you think 2K would have been able to take over the NBA market in terms of games if they didn't have actual NBA teams? The real answer: HELL NO....

rainslacker1253d ago


Blitz went downhill once it went to The League. It tried to be a serious football game with actual teams and players(mostly) and they took most of the fun stupid stuff you could do that made the Blitz series so much fun to begin with. It went from an arcadey, pick up and play with drunk friends game, to a somewhat lackluster football sim with a few remnants of what Blitz was about in the first place.

Psychotica1253d ago

If it doesn't I hope they make is customizable so you can import your own team logos and player names.

No Way1253d ago

I believe Backbreaker football game had a way to import.
So, at some point there was 'NFL' logos and colors in the game.

If you so chose to.

iceman061253d ago

They just need to have tools like BackBreaker and PES. That way the community can bypass the license issues and at least create the proper logos and uniforms.

Maxor1253d ago

Without the NFL franchise this game is useless.

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thecowsaysmoo1254d ago

Another good xbox one exclusive.

rainslacker1253d ago

Assuming its a Xbox One exclusive, which it probably is given rumors, why are you assuming that it's going to be good? Are sports games generally good...particularly the first itteration in a series? We don't even know who the developer is yet.

Absolutely nothing is known about the game other than the name, so are you saying it's going to be good just because it's an Xbox One exclusive...or are you saying it's going to be good because....OK, can't think of another reason why you might say that.