3 Predictions for PS4 This E3

PS4Home: "So without further ado let’s get on to my 3 predictions for PS4 this E3."

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PaleMoonDeath1320d ago

Fallout 4 gameplay's a given, just not at Sony's conference. Silent Hills would be a big surprise and far more likely than The Last Guardian breaking out of it's coffin.

Basically Silent Hills is the only thing on this list that could happen, even if that itself is unlikely.

TWB1319d ago

How ? they clearly canceled Silent Hills but Sony has stated that TLG is still in active development.

Why would you absolutely refuse to believe what they are telling you ?

showtimefolks1319d ago

Sony buying silent Hill ip 15% chance

The last guardian closing the show with a demo and release date 99.7% chance

Agent from R*

remixx1161319d ago

I like you.....we think alike.....if you said socom 2 HD remaster purely for the hell of it we would be my best friends.

showtimefolks1319d ago

I want a socom remaster collection, a lot of us want socom 2. Hopefully sony will deliver

LuditPRIME1319d ago

I have a prediction. More promises and lies. Im still waiting for Drive club to be free on psn like they marketed at the press reveal of the ps4. People cant be blind to this

BitbyDeath1319d ago

You know that was a demo right? Not the full game. Just a taste of the full thing. Just a bit on the side. A small portion of the full game. Barely scratching the surface of the full game.

I don't know how many other ways to say it. Help me out N4G, it seems many still don't understand what was stated.

OB1Biker1319d ago

There's a good chance they announce DC available on PS+ at E3 but at this point people shouldn't care much and just get the full version for cheap. (unless they give the full version on PS+)

JoeReno1319d ago

I have a prediction also, you will be a lonely, old, bitter man some day.

Seriously, why wait for a "free" gimped version of a game that many of us have paid for and have moved on. I'm sure you could even find a used copy of the game for around 20bucks. I picked up a brand new copy from Target on sale for 39$ 5 months ago.

I know, I know, it's the principles behind it right? But take into account that the game had some issues at launch and Sony didn't really want that to be some people's welcome to Playstation+ So, it didn't work out. No biggie. I haven't lost any sleep over it. Do they own us an apologie, sure. I am almost certain that they did. What more would you like them to do??

wegetsignalx1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Driveclub was never going to be free. They announced a special PS+ version of Driveclub, which is still coming, and likely very soon.

They made no promises, and they didn't lie, they ran into technical issues that caused the delay.

Sony's E3 2015 will not be "more promises and lies", you are trolling and making things up.

xwilldemise1319d ago

As intriguing as it sounds, I really hope Project Morpheus doesn't take up most of their conference! We want games!