Driveclub News Coming This Week; Surprises for June Teased and More

Driveclub was released a while ago, but it keeps on giving with updates and spiffy new cars every month, at least for the next couple months, then you’ll have to see what Sony will do after the end of the season pass.In the meanwhile, looks like there's something to look forward to in the next weeks.

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Eonjay1232d ago

It literally has to be the PS+ edition. Not even kidding here. Anyway, maybe they will man up and give the whole game away on PS+

GribbleGrunger1232d ago

Yes, I've been considering that too. They can still make a killing selling all the DLC.

Rookie_Monster1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Agreed, free version or bust. This game is too old and since long forgotten with better racers now on the the market or are coming out soon. a partial version is just weak at this point and a slap on the face for PS owners that were promised of the PSN plus version a long long time ago. Sony, do the right thing please.

FITgamer1232d ago

Not gonna lie, seeing as i just bought it in April, i'd be pretty salty if that happened.

Orionsangel1232d ago

It should be the full version that's free on plus now for making us wait so long!

The Entitled Generation


Nah, it sounded much better "singed"... Like a pirate song or something. Yes, we can call it my rum withdrawal allucination.

Haru1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

If Sony had at least a bit of respect for their customers they would give us the full version for free especially after making us wait soo long, if they don't then I will start changing my opinion on Sony

DoubleYourDose1232d ago

And Sony will lose many nights sleep over your decision.

GameDev11232d ago

Shouldnt Sony give you what was promised from the beginning?

Driveclub wasnt made using candyland and fake money, Sony should just keep their promise

twiggytree121232d ago

I would say no, considering waiting was your decision and not sony's.

@GameDev1 Eh, promises are broken all the time... let me help you get through it....

Orbilator1231d ago

To tight to spend money on an awesome game, and now your comlaining its to old so you should get it for free!!! Dream on you tight fisted non gamer you

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WickedLester1232d ago

I know you're being sarcastic but I seriously doubt anyone who really wants this game is still waiting on it. They probably bought it by now.

EazyC1232d ago

Don't say something and then fail to commit to it. "Oh yeah, you'll get this for free, just pay us $60" ... It's Marketing 101.

They should have never mentioned the free version and then this problem wouldn't exist.

tjg591231d ago

I know, it's $20 new.

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WickedLester1232d ago

I am BEGGING for a Season 2!! Come on Sony make it so! I'd love to have new tracks/locations along with new cars! Since Forza Horizon 2 now has Porsche, maybe we'll get some in Driveclub!

cronaldo71232d ago

Logitech wheels support.

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The story is too old to be commented.