SuperiorVersion: A look back to the Gears of War (1) Beta takes a look at an old version of the original Gears of War, which included a much more customizable options menu, allowing the user to change the lighting and shadows, along with the other usual bugs and glitches of an early beta.

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outlawlife3767d ago

that game definitely came a long way in a very short period of time, especially the multiplayer

TheColbertinator3766d ago

Yeah.They were even planning to cancel it.

deeznuts3766d ago

Since I just got a 360 last week, I finally put this game in. Shame I didn't get the game when the graphics were king (plus UTIII left a bad taste in my mouth, and it looks somewhat similar) but this game is pretty damn fun ...

other than the fact that my bot/partner is a bumbling idiot who always gets me killed!!!!! Why when I press regroup he says ok but refuses to frackign regroup! And you idiot, stay out of the freaking dark!

Shroomy3766d ago

It would be interesting to see people experiment around with it, achieving some really awesome and unique lighting effects that could be shared with everyone!

I liked the presets in Gears 1, but I thought they should have kept that in from seeing Beta footage! Who knows Gears 2 might have it! :D The lighting looks great anyway it won't matter too much.

MasterChief28293766d ago

You can still change the lighting and shadows, it's just combined into one feature with presets.

Borman3766d ago

If you watch the video, I believe you'll see that this goes pretty far beyond what could be done on the retai, unless I somehow missed a large section of the options menu. I know they had the default, vivid, etc, but nothing like the video has.

blackbeld3766d ago

i never liked GoW cause not enough weapons only one chainshaw weapon. stupid also dont have sniper rifles. realy stupid game, graphics are good, also 3th person shooter game...better dont shoot. CoD4 is much better!!! that is worth buying for 360..only.... 50bucks for playing online a year is retart..about 5 year later i can buy new console with that money what a!!!

Halochampian3766d ago

just wondering if you were trying to sound stupid???

no sniper rifle?!?!

3th person?!?!


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